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Blake's 7 Filks

All B7 Filk Tapes

What are fanzines and filks? Various definitions and background information.

Judith's Filks

Permission to perform any of these filks is freely granted, permission to reproduce them is not. If you want to publish any of them in any form, please contact
Judith Proctor,
28 Diprose Rd,
Corfe Mullen,
BH21 3QY,


If asked, the odds are fairly good that I'll say yes. If you are able to handle sound clips, then Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page has the original tunes for some of these.

Several of these are now available on tape called Some Dreams Are Worth Having, these are indicated.

The majority of the Gilbert and Servalan "Space Opera" filks and several others are available in The Gilbert and Servalan Song Book.

See also Indexed by Tunes.

INDEX by Filk

FilkTape / Book
Absent Friends 
After Season Four 
Alpha Blues 
Auronar Maid 
Auron Plaint 
Avon Callin' 
Avon's LamentThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Avon's Love LifeSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Battle Hymn of the Andromedan Republic 
Battle Hymn of the Rebellion 
Ballard of Roj BlakeThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Blake: a Dirge 
Booze, Glorious Booze 
Breaking In And Out Song 
Bring Back Blake's 7 
Broken Man on Gauda Prime 
Cally and Jenna's Teleport SongThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Close Every Door To Me 
A Commander's Lot 
Come Join The Army!Some Dreams Are Worth Having
Cruel is the SnowSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Deborah's Song 
Dark Eyed Rebel 
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling 
Don't follow him, have me 
Dreaming of Dragons 
Dreams of Auron 
The Ever Expanding Story 
Fearless Leader 
The Federation Cometh 
Freedom's Call 
Filk for Gareth 
For I'm President Servalan 
Goodbye FederationSome Dreams Are Worth Having
The GunfighterSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Holding Cell SongThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
I Can't RememberSome Dreams Are Worth Having
I'll Always be a ThiefSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Dreaming of Dragons 
I am the Leader of the LiberatorThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
I am the Leader of the ScorpioThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Inside Dreams 
It's Lonely When You Never See The SkySome Dreams Are Worth Having
Its a Long Way To Cygnus AlphaSome Dreams Are Worth Having
I've got a little list(by Chris Blenkarn)
I've got a little list(by Neil Faulkner)
I was Trained as a Youth 
Jellicle Cats(by Ellynne G.)
Jenna's Lament 
Just What The Federation Orders(by Joanne MacQueen)
Ladies from HadesSome Dreams Are Worth Having
The Lament of Vila Restal 
The LiberatorSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Liberator live for ever! 
The Man Who Raised a Gun 
Messing About In A Spaceship 
No One Recalls Your NameSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Og's Song 
Old Maid On A Starship 
Once a Jolly RebelSome Dreams Are Worth Having
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Kerr Avon Gave to Me 
Orac's SongThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
The Orbit SongThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Pack Up Your Tool KitSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Que Sera Sera 
Rebel In the Auction 
Rebel People 
The Road to Dundee 
The Rotterdam Filk 
Rushing Around in Space SongThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
The Scorpio Song 
Seeking Cygnus Alpha 
The Ship with No Beer 
Some Dreams Are Worth HavingSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Song For KerrilSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Song for Zen 
Soup of Cally 
The Spirit of the SevenSome Dreams Are Worth Having
Sunset on SarranSome Dreams Are Worth Having
The Thingamabob That Does the JobSome Dreams Are Worth Having
They call me a telepath 
Three Very Youthful Rebels WeThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Travis's Exbar SongThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Terry Nation 
That she wins one more time 
Travis, Space Commander 
Travis and Servalan at Goth 
Two Cunning Rebels 
Vila's Job Application 
Vila Restal's Nightmare songThe Gilbert and Servalan Song Book
Vila's Drinking Song 
Viva Servalan! 
We're Looking for a Rebel 
When a rebel's not about his occupation 
When I was Arrested 
When I was a Delta
The Wonderwall filk 
The Writer's Lament 

Space Opera?

Several of these filks are based on Gilbert and Sullivan operatic songs, perhaps these are real "Space Opera"...

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