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Don't follow him, have me

by Stephen Kilbane, as sung by Jenni and Fifi, with Stephen's accompaniment at Redemption.

tune: "Don't Marry Her" by The Beautiful South.

(1. Blake)
Think of life without oppression,
Thinking for yourself.
Think about no Federation.
I think that harms your health.
She'll never let you speak your mind
Or give you liberty.
Don't follow her, have me.

(2. Avon)
And the odds are always stupid,
The reasons politic.
You're fighting for the people
When you could be getting rich.
You'll only get yourself killed
For ideology.
Don't follow him, have me.

And the aliens invade into
Our galaxy,
And we realise we've a common
But we don't know if they'll make
Series Three.
Don't follow him, have me.

(3. Tarrant)
And he won't say what he's doing,
Or explain the plan.
He wears studs and leather
And gets off with Servalan.
I've got a winning smile, but
No personality.
Don't follow him, have me.

(4. Servalan)
And we'll only give you orders,
Ignore what you say.
'Cos we're meg'lomaniacs
And don't care anyway.
We'll go down in flames and
Into history.
Don't follow him, have me.

And then defeat with no repeat,
On Gauda Prime
As we're shown on TV
One final time
So if you want us back, call
The BBC.
Don't follow him, have me.

(Instrumental verse)

(5. Blake)
I believe in honour.
My principles won't budge.
I remember Travis,
And I hold a grudge.
I'll survive two seasons,
Then join the RSC.
Don't follow him, have me.

(6. Avon)
I am self-sufficient.
I say that I don't care.
I'm morally ambiguous
And yet still debonair.
I speak in epigrams,
Think in binary.
Don't follow him, have me.

(7. Tarrant)
I'm the young pretender,
I'm handy in a fight.
I'm confident, I'm arrogant,
I'm rarely ever right.
I think I'm Errol Flynn
From nineteen fifty-three.
Don't follow him, have me.

(8. Servalan)
You will all do what I say.
I am in command.
I had children on Auron,
And I got snogged in Sand.
Sometimes I lapse into
Don't follow him, have me.

And even now it only seems
Like yesterday;
The credits rolled as we wiped
The tears away.
Thank you for the time and
The memory.
Don't follow him, have me.

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