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Dreaming of Dragons

- Judith Proctor

tune - Go Tell it on the Mountain (but there's two versions and only one fits...)

Oh my name is Jackie Piper and I work for IBM,
I go to work each morning and I don't come back 'till ten.

(but) Sometimes at night I'm dreaming,
Of a land beside the sea,
Mermaid voices sweetly singing,
Dragons fly on painted wings.

I spend four hours commuting, but hey, who really cares?
I've got a hands-free mobile to trade my latest shares.

I've got a large apartment, with an even larger rent,
It's full of status symbols, my money's all well spent.

I climb the corporate ladder, my life's a great success,
But in the empty evenings, I feel such loneliness.

There's a place where I would travel, if I only knew the way,
There's a friend whom I abandoned, when I grew too old to play.

LAST CHORUS (change tune to 'Puff the Magic Dragon')

Once I dreamed a dragon,
In a land beside the sea,
Now the autumn mists are falling,
I would go to Honilee

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