Blake's 7 Filks - indexed by tune

A North County MaidAuronar Maid
A policeman's lot is not a happy one1)When a rebel's not about his occupation
2)A Commander's Lot
Barretts PrivateersBroken Man on Gauda Prime
Basil BrushTravis, Space Commander
Battle Hymn of the Republic/John Brown's Body1)Battle Hymn of the Andromedan Republic
2)Battle Hymn of the Rebellion
Believe Me if all those Endearing Young CharmsNo One Recalls Your Name
Bibbty Bobbty BooThe Thingamabob That Does the Job
Bound for Botany BayAlpha Blues
Bring back my Bonnie to meBring Back Blake's 7
Close Every Door To MeClose Every Door To Me
Common PeopleRebel People
Cushy ButterfieldFilk for Gareth
Danny BoyAbsent Friends
Dark Eyed SailorDark Eyed Rebel
Do not forsakeme oh my darlingDo Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
Don't Marry HerDon't follow him, have me
Eileen O'GradyLadies from Hades
Fiddler's GreenInside of a Dream
Food glorious foodBooze, Glorious Booze
For I'm called Little Buttercup1) For I'm President Servalan
2) They call me a telepath
For riches and rank I do not longAuron Plaint
Go Tell it on the MountainDreaming of Dragons
Going NowhereFreedom's Call
Good King WenceslasAvon's Love Life
Goodbye Muirshin Durkin / The Beautiful Girls of MayoGoodbye Federation
Here's a how-de-dooThe Orbit Song
Hit Me Baby One More TimeThat she wins one more time
Hit Me With Your Rhythm StickJust What The Federation Orders
Home Boys, Home, / The Road to MandalaySong For Kerril
House of the Rising SunThe Man Who Raised a Gun
How much is that doggy in the windowRebel In the Auction
I am a Pirate KingTravis's Exbar Song
I am the Captain of the Pinafore1) I am the Leader of the Liberator
2) I am the captain of the Scorpio (Chris Blenkarn)
3) I am the captain of the Scorpio (Neil Faulkner)
I have a song to sing, O!Avon's Lament
I Shipped, d'you see, in a Revenue SloopI was Trained as a Youth
I Will Go, I Will Go when the Fighting is overThe Writer's Lament
It's a Long Way to TiperaryIts a Long Way To Cygnus Alpha
I'll go no more a RovingA-Rebelling
I've got a little list1) I've got a little list (by Chris Blenkarn)
2) I've got a little list (by Neil Faulkner)
Island of DreamsDreams of Auron
Jellicle CatsJellicle Cats
LilibuleroSong for Zen
Lincolnshire PoacherVila's Drinking Song
Loch LomondDeborah's Song
Men of HarlechFearless Leader
Messing About on the RiverMessing About In A Spaceship
Morning has BrokenVila's Job Application
My eyes are fully open to my awful situationHolding Cell Song
My friend you may take it from meOrac's Song
My Song is Love UnknownI Can't Remember
Nightmare SongVila Restal's Nightmare song
Nobody loves me, everybody hates meOg's Song
Northwest PassageSeeking Cygnus Alpha
Ode to JoyLiberator live for ever!
Old Maid in A GarrettOld Maid On A Starship
On the Twelfth Day of ChristmasOn the Twelfth Day of Christmas Kerr Avon Gave to Me
Pack up Your TroublesPack Up Your Tool Kit
Perry MasonTerry Nation
Que Sera SeraQue Sera Sera
Red River ValleyJenna's Lament
RotterdamThe Rotterdam Filk
Rule BritanniaViva Servalan!
She came in through the bathroom windowTrial
Supercallifragilisticexpialadocious!Soup of Cally
The Ash GroveSunset on Sarran
The Beautiful Girls of Mayo / Goodbye Muirshin DurkinGoodbye Federation
The cat came backThe Ever Expanding Story
The Duke of Plaza-ToroThe Lament of Vila Restal
The Fields of AthenryIt's Lonely When You Never See The Sky
The Galway ShawlThe Gunfighter
The Gasman ComethThe Federation Cometh
The Irish RoverThe Liberator
The Mary Ellen CarterThe Spirit of the Seven
The Massacre of GlencoeCruel is the Snow
The Pub with No BeerThe Ship with No Beer
The Road to DundeeThe Road to Dundee
The Road to Mandalay / Home Boys, HomeSong For Kerril
This is Tomorrow Callin'Avon Callin'
Three Little Maids from SchoolThree Very Youthful Rebels We
Three Drunken MaidensTwo Cunning Rebels
Tit-willowBlake: a Dirge
Tripping hither, tripping thitherRushing Around in Space Song
Waltzing MatildaOnce a Jolly Rebel
We're looking for a PIANOWe're Looking for a Rebel
What shall we do with the drunken sailorThe Scorpio Song
When a felon's not engaged in his employmentCally and Jenna's Teleport Song
When I'm Sixty-fourAfter Sesaon Four
When I was a Lad1) When I was Arrested
2) When I was a Delta
When I went to the bar as a very young manBallard of Roj Blake
Whisky, You're my DarlingI'll Always be a Thief
With Catlike Tread upon the place we stealBreaking In And Out Song
WonderwallThe Wonderwall Filk
YesterdayTravis and Servalan at Goth
OriginalCome Join The Army!
OriginalSome Dreams Are Worth Having

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