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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


Cruel is the Snow
by Judith Proctor and Anne Stullken
The Massacre of Glencoe tune and original words are by © Jim Mclean published by Duart Music and are © Jim Mclean 1963. Used with his permission.

Cruel is the snow, that falls soft and slow,
On stones where no name is graven,
Cruel was the foe that was fought long ago,
By the man who was killed by Kerr Avon.

I came from Xenon, my old friend to find,
We needed a leader and he came to mind,
But I was a blind man, there leading the blind,
I came and I shot him on Gauda.

You came to my base, I allowed you inside,
Came out to meet you with arms opened wide,
I wanted to fight them, with you at my side,
But you came and you killed me on Gauda.

The red lights were strobing, your blood stained the ground,
They came with guns blazing, they stood all around.
They stood there in silence, with the siren's dread sound,
They came and they found me on Gauda.

Now here at the end of this damned masquerade,
You stand to defend me, my one-time comrade,
I called you betrayer, but you were betrayed,
By the mission that brought you to Gauda.

I stand and I weep at the harsh hand of fate
You didn't betray me, I know it too late,
I raise my gun, and I smile as I wait,
And I never will come back to Gauda.

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