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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having

The Liberator

by Judith Proctor

tune: The Irish Rover

In the New Calendar, year two hundred fifty two,
We set sail on an old prison ship,
We were bound on our way, for the planet Cynus A,
And we feared it was a one way trip.
Then we found an alien craft, gleaming fore and aft,
All we had to do was take her,
She went faster than light, and she was a wondrous sight,
And we called her the Liberator!

Oh fare thee well, my pretty little girl,
I must sail away, away.
So fare thee well, my pretty little girl,
I must sail away.

There was Jenna, a lass, who had a lot of class,
There was Zen who did all of the math,
There was Vila the fool, who was scared stiff as a rule,
And Cally, an alien telepath.
There was Olag Gan, a giant of a man,
And Avon, a smooth operator,
And the rebel, Roj Blake, whom the Feds all loved to hate,
Was skipper of the Liberator!

We had one million chests, full of clothes from which we dressed,
We had two million bottles of wine,
We had three million vems of the best Domo gems,
And four million shoes to shine,
There were five million studs, six million spuds,
And seven million megabytes of data,
We had eight million suits, with matching leather boots,
In the hold of the Liberator!

We had sailed several years when the going got rough,
There was trouble at BBC,
They had written out half the crew by the end of season two,
And I feared that the next one would be me.
Then the writers got a plot, oh what a shock!
They brought in Arlen, a traitor,
But I'm the one with luck, 'cause I had the sense to duck,
I'm the last of the Liberator!

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