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Jellicle Cats

Prologue: Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats
After Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber
By Ellynne G.

Rebel Recruiter:
Are you blind when you're born?

[Shows video clip of Federation citizens oblivious to all the nasty things the Federation is doing right in front of them]

Rebel Recruiter:
Can you see in the dark?

[Show one Federation citizen suddenly waking up to what's going on, despite extensive efforts by Fed to keep them from noticing]

Rebel Recruiter:
Would you look at a king?

[Clip of angry mob threatening Federation leaders]

Rebel Recruiter:
Would you sit on his throne?

[Angry citizens storm Federation government offices, seize power for themselves]

Blake's people are and Blake's people do
Blake's people do and Blake's people would
Blake's people would and Blake's people can
Blake's people can and Blake's people do

Blake's little ship is king of the night
Fighting at astronomical heights
Blowing up Travis and Servalan
(Although they survived it, not everyone can)

The mystical divinity of fighitng through infinity
Helped all the rebels freedom make
Life to the everstruggling Blake!

Rebel fighter faithful and true
To others who do what Blake's people can and Blake's people do

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