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I was trained as a youth

by Chris Blenkarn

After "I Shipped, d'you see, in a Revenue Sloop" (hornpipe) from Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan.

I was trained, when a youth, as a pilot bold
At Space Acad-a-mee
Lieutenant was my grade
Very dashing in my braid
To Kairos then they posted me, to Kairos posted me
Promotion followed quickly and a captain I was made
Yet on thrills remained hell-bent
I thought "enough's enough"
For I knew I was hot stuff
So I upped and stole a ship, and went
I stole a ship and went.

A deserter now, I got mixed up
In other people's wars
I was running contraband
Just for fun, you understand
My hotshot flying gave them pause
My flying gave them pause
When Andromeda invaded a new tactic was required
I assumed a bogus rank
Then I boarded Liberator
Met my crewmates sometime later
Klegg's troops we did outflank, don't you think?
Klegg's troops we did outflank.

Now I fly this spacecraft so superb
Across the gal-a-xee
No ship can emulate her
And her autonavigator
Is great for handbrake turns, happily
Is great for handbrake turns
At times upon the flight deck we've a frank exchange of views
You'd enjoy the repartee
But when Avon's calibrating
And when Vila's irritating
Why, Zen responds to me, don't you see, Zen responds to me.

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