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by Judith Proctor

tune: Red River Valley

Will I see you after the battle?
Will we live to meet up once again?
Will we survive the fighting all around us?
Or will we join the hundreds we have slain?

Then linger a moment ere you leave us,
Will you say that you love me true?
Is there room in your heart for a smuggler?
Or must your Cause be everything to you?

I think I see the plasma bolts exploding,
Hear the sounds of battle ringing in my ears,
Feel the pain of the wounded and the dying,
Blake, do you wonder at my fears?

It isn't that I'm worried for my safety,
I wouldn't have you think that I'm afraid,
But you are wounded, and we'll soon be parted,
Blake, you never asked why I stayed.

For Avon says he wants the Liberator,
Vila? Well he's nowhere else to go,
And Cally is an exile from her people,
I'm the one whose reason you don't know.

I would lie, if I said I'd known no others,
I've had lovers a-plenty, you see,
But I truly lost my heart to an outlaw,
Who wanted to set people free.

Will I see you after the battle?
Will we survive the fighting and the pain?
Blake, it nearly breaks my heart to leave you.
For I fear I'll never see you again.

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