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by Judith Proctor

tune: Cushy Butterfield (Little Polly Perkins of Paddington Green)

There's a curly-headed man at the end of the bar,
And when he played Blake, they all called him a star,
Now his hair though still curly, is all turning white,
But the fans are still with him from morning to night.

CHORUS: He's a big lad and a bonnie lad and he likes his beer,
And his name's Gareth Thomas and we wish he was here!

There's a curly-headed man standing up on the stage,
He's flip and he's funny; he's serious and sage,
And when the show's over, you needn't look far,
Oh, we'll all wait for Gareth back down in the bar!

There's a Welshman we've seen both on stage and TV,
And when he is acting, it's something to see,
Do we love the actor? Or is it the man?
Oh, we'll follow Gareth as long as we can.

He smokes; I'm asthmatic. He drinks and I don't,
He's overweight; I'm skinny. But such is my wont,
I still think he's gorgeous, I tell you it's true,
Oh, the young and the handsome, I'll leave them to you!

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