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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor

tune: Goodbye Muirshin Durkin/The Beautiful Girls of Mayo

When I first joined the space force,
I never felt no remorse,
I said I'd be a pilot,
And departed from my home.
I told my brother Deeta,
That he was not my keeper,
He could go a travellin',
I'd manage on my own.

So it's goodbye Federation,
And hello Terry Nation -
I'm off to join Blake's 7,
At the start of season three,
As sure as my name is Tarrant,
I'm handsome, young and gallant,
I'll fly a great big spaceship,
And live a life so free!

I've courted girls so pretty,
In every spaceport city,
From Albion to Xenon,
They think I'm quite a swell,
But now I'm going to leave them,
I'm sure that this will grieve them,
I'll send them all a postcard
And hope they're doing well.

Goodbye to all my friends at home,
I'm going far away to roam,
I'm going to make my fortune,
And show the world some style,
I'm brave, I'm young and handsome,
And worth an Emperor's ransom,
If I run into trouble,
I'll flash my teeth and smile!

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