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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor

tune: The Galway Shawl

On Gauda Prime, in the Seventh Sector,
One pleasant evening, at the close of day,
I spied a damsel, she was fair and handsome,
Her beauty fairly took my breath away.

She wore no jewels, nor costly diamonds,
But her golden hair shone in the sun,
Her name was Soolin, a farmer's daughter,
And in a holster, she wore a gun.

She said to me: I seek a master,
A man who'll teach me, to use a gun,
I need to learn - so there'll be none faster,
For I have sworn to kill someone.

I laughed at her, to think a maiden,
Should be seeking to learn the gun,
I asked her then, if she had money,
She answered me that she had none.

She said that she would earn the money,
I said I just desired one fee,
I'd teach her all I knew of fighting -
But only if she'd lie with me.

She cried aloud, she was a maiden,
Her plea it fell on empty ears,
I took her then, a maid no more,
And laughed aloud at all her fears.

Now all you young men, who hear my story,
Don't be heartless when you seek a fee,
For she shot the men who killed her family,
And now she's coming, to look for me!

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