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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor
tune: original

We're getting older now,
We're getting colder now,
All our dreams are fled,
All our heroes dead,
And we can know no more.

We are so empty now,
I sometimes wonder how,
We once dared aspire,
To a life of fire,
To live what we believed.

Our heroes had their day,
They died and passed away,
But their dream lives on,
Though their names are gone,
In song and memory.

Now I have children two,
And I have hope anew,
As I see them grow,
Now I come to know,
That they are dreaming too.

And shall I tell them of,
The ones who fought because,
They saw evil's hand,
Stretched across the land,
And thought they could not fail?

Or shall I bid them stay,
Because I dread the day,
'Neath some alien sky,
They will fight and die,
And finish all my dreams.

I'm getting older now,
I'm getting colder now,
Yet I know that I,
Would see them dream and die,
Than not have dreamed at all.

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