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After Sesaon Four

by Kevs

Tune: "When I'm Sixty-four" by The Beatles.


Will there be freedom, justice and peace?
Federation gone.
Will I still be chased around the galaxy?
Rebel leaders coming to tea.
Hand me a blaster, throw me a bomb,
I'll give them what for!
Will I survive? Will I stay alive
After Season Four?


Will I have power? Will I be rich?
Will I have command?
Will I still be visiting the battle-lines?
Gucci wellies, top of the line!
If I get bored with nothing to do,
I'll start another war.
Will I get even? Will I get Avon
After Season Four?


When I get older, losing my mind,
Will I be paranoid?
Send me a persuit ship every day.
Plasma bolts keep heading my way!
Will my computers run like a dream
Or will I find a flaw?
Will I wear leather 'gainst the cold weather,
After Season Four?

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