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Dark Eyed Rebel

by: Lesley Voronov/Anne Wells

Tune: Dark Eyed Sailor, trad. arr. Steeleye Span

As I roved out with my men so true
It being the best of times to take HQ
I spied a rebel and a lady gay
And I stood to listen and I stood to listen
To hear what they would say

She said Kerr Avon why did you roam
You left me here, left me all alone
I heard of Blake and his gallant crew
Oh my dark eyed rebel, oh my dark eyed rebel
I was waiting here for you

They shot me down and they took me there
I thought you dead and gone this many a year
They had you tortured so I heard them say
Oh my fair haired Anna, oh my fair haired Anna
How did you get away?

She said the memory it gives me pain
They made me marry just to change my name
Though you turn away and so cold do grow
Oh my dark eyed rebel, oh my dark eyed rebel
I have loved no one but you.

He said I would never forsake my dear
Although I've wondered this many a year
Who knew the plans meant for me and you
Who was the traitor, who was the traitor
Who was Bartholemew?

So fast her gun did fair Anna draw
But he was faster - she fell to the floor
Crying Avon, Avon, I have loved you so
Oh my dark eyed rebel, oh my dark eyed rebel
I will never let you go

And there is a man stands on Gauda Prime
Who might have trusted once upon a time
Believed in friendship though his love grow cold
But such cruel betrayal, but such cruel betrayal
Can cost a man his soul

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