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By Alison Page

This will only make sense to anyone who knows 'Common People' by Pulp, which as I think I said before, is just about my favourite ever song. I was listening to it yesterday while I was driving, and the following sprang to mind.

REBEL PEOPLE He was an Alpha with a thirst for Knowledge,
I was a Delta, we were doing porridge
That's when I
Caught his eye
He said that he could beat the system
I stole his credits and he never missed 'em
Which was fine
But in thirty seconds time
He said
We're gonna live like rebel people
We're gonna do whatever rebel people do
I wanna live with rebel people
Steal a ship and then sail it right out of view
Well what else could I do?
I said 'Count me in the crew

They took me out of Cygnus Alpha
I don't know why, but I was glad to get out of there
I said to Blake 'we could enjoy ourselves with all that money'
He just laughed and said 'Oh, you're so funny'
I said 'Yeah,
But I don't think Avon's laughing. Do you?
Are you sure?
You wanna live like rebel people
Do the things that other rebel people do?
On the run with the rebel people
When everybody's shooting at you.
But he didn't understand,
With his weapon in his hand.

Leave your cosy Alpha dome,
Take a space ship for a home,
You might think it's all a lark
When we're fighting in the dark
In the dream where you exist.
It's no wonder I get pissed,
Pretend I never went to school,
Act like everybody's fool:
I've got nothing left to lose,
And so in the end I'll choose
To go along with the rebel people
Do the things the other rebel people do
Laugh along with the rebel people
While I watch my life slide out of view
While I steal and drink and screw
Because there's nothing else to do
I'll leave the fighting up to you
And the others in the crew
One day the Fed's will get me too
And the rebel people like you
Rebel people like you.

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