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by Judith Proctor

tune: The Road to Dundee

(Written when Gareth Thomas was due to appear in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' and reprised when he did 'Sleeping Beauty')

As I was a-walking along the great highway,
I met a young lassie, a-weeping so free,
I asked her to tell me what might be the matter,
"Oh Gareth's performing on stage in Dundee."

I said to her, "Lassie, why should this distress you,
If Gareth's the man you are wanting to see?
Why don't you get onto the train, let it take you,
Across the wide country and north to Dundee?"

(If you live overseas, just substitute, plane for train and ocean for country)

She sobbed and she cried as she told her sad story,
"The theatre at Dundee, I never shall see,
For I'm stony broke and I cannot afford it,
To travel the miles and the road to Dundee."

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