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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor

Tune: Good King Wenceslas

Avon stood on Gauda Prime,
Thinking of his love life,
If he'd been the marrying kind,
Who do you think would have been his wife?
Anna was a lovely girl,
But he hasn't got her.
What's the reason for this fact?
Well now, Avon sh-o-t her.

Cally was an alien,
From the planet Auron,
She claimed she couldn't read his mind,
Even with her power on.
He thought she might have loved him true,
But 'twas all a fake,
He knew it from her dying words -
When she died she cried out "Blake"!

Servalan was just his type,
That was quite apparent,
But she'd had a previous fling,
With his old pal Tarrant.
Still, he could forgive her that,
If she'd sleep in his bed,
But when she caught him on G.P. -
She came up and shot him dead!

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