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by Judith Proctor

tune: Going Nowhere (Copyright Brian Bedford/Bedspring Music)
Artisan's Web site The originators of the tune.

Can't you hear the cry of freedom, when she's calling out your name?
Can't you tell she needs you? Can't you tell the world's insane?
You're living in a dream world, and you never will be free,
Until you reach inside yourself and try to find the key.


There is danger every moment, in every breath we take,
But the dangers that are greatest, we gladly undertake -
When we choose to follow freedom, when we try to cross the wall,
Life is never easy, when we answer freedom's call.

Can't you see the people living in a world of drugs and toil?
Can't you see that they've forgotten, the world of sun and soil?
Dare you step outside your prison? Dare you step outside your dreams?
Dare you try and find yourself, behind that wall of screams?

For those who've fought that battle, fought their hardest, lost it all,
It's harder yet, a second time, to listen to that call,
But for those with ears to hear it, it's the trumpet's strident yell,
And we know that we must answer, or condemn the world to Hell.

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