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That she wins one more time

This is by Steve Kilbane, from Redemption '01 opening ceremony, when as Ares god of war.

Ares Campaign - Opening Ceremony speech

Background: Hit me baby one more time

An obscure American female vocalist called Britney Spears recorded this pop ditty, which promptly sank without trace, but not before it attracted the attention of indie Scottish favorites Travis. The band performed a live cover for their session on BBC Radio One's "Mark and Lard" show, and in the process demonstrated that it was actually quite a good tune. It appears as a B-side (or, since it's track three, should that be C-side?) of their single Turn, and I thoroughly recommend it. The intro's entertaining enough for the admission price alone.

Either way, I couldn't get the damn thing out of my head, so I don't see why you shouldn't suffer too.

Anyway, at some point on the Saturday night, between the Cabaret and the bar, I conceived the idea of filking this for the election hustings. Beats trying to remember the speech, anyway: it's only got five chords, and one of those is a repeat...

So, just to explain: also in the election were:

(There was also a Bear entering, but I just assumed all the posters about the bear were referring to the Blondie Bear, aka Spike. So that campaign was a complete failure...)

The Filk

Oh Ares, Ares, you want me to vote for you
But I'm undecided
Oh Ares, Ares, I think you are really cool
But I also think that Spike is.
Tell me why you want me to be
An object of Servalan's Fury (because)
My common sense is telling me (that I)
In self-defense, give loyalty (to Servie)
Though I still love you I must decline
Hope you don't mind
That she wins one more time.

Oh Ares, Ares, I like you, but, you see,
There's a Naan and a Centauri.
And Ares, Ares, I'd rather they asked me
To their wedding party.
And Spock always uses logic,
And I've always been a fan of (Star Trek)

Oh Ares, Ares, We're running out of time,
The vote is getting closer.
Oh Ares, Ares, I'm sorry, but I find
You look better in your poster.
It's so hot you almost sizzle,
But the Clangers are cuter and they whistle (but still)

Oh Ares, Ares, you know I'm still a fan.
Oh Ares, Ares, I hope you understand
But I must confess
That a black dress
is one thing I fear
When it's worn by Sleer
So now you see
Why I'm resigned
That she wins one more time.

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