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by Judith Proctor

Tune: Morning has Broken

I write you a letter, seeking employment,
I need to convince you, this job is for me,
I am just perfect, charming and handsome,
Please take the time to, read my CV.

I left my homeworld, on an excursion,
Gaining experience, working in space,
Filk Index | Tunes Index | Fired neutron blasters, did all the cooking,
And carried my tools in, a big plastic case.

I was an apprentice, studying systems,
Cameras and locks, my speciality,
I learnt the true worth of, discretion beats valour,
When it comes to sprinting, no one beats me.

I am a collector, of valuable items,
With wine, I am rated, a true connoisseur,
For a job with high living, I'm sure I can take it,
In fact you could call me, a real bon viveur.

I am just perfect, for this application,
Now Sleer's executed, there's a vacancy,
So I'm writing this letter, to ask for employment,
As your new head of, security!

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