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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor

Tune: "The Mary Ellen Carter" by Stan Rogers

She blew up just off Terminal, that ship of speed and grace,
No more will Liberator sail the endless depths of space,
Corroded by organic muck, her systems could not cope,
And finally we knew there was no hope.
Her crew were not on board her when she finally met her end,
But Zen, you know we'll miss you, machine and yet a friend,
The hurt we felt when you were gone, it caused us to proclaim,
That the spirit of the seven would live again:
Live again, live again,
That their names not be lost to the knowledge of men,
And those who loved them best and who were with them to the end,
Will make the spirit of the seven live again.

She came down hard on Gauda Prime, she'll never fly again,
When Scorpio crash landed, our hopes were all in vain,
Smashed beyond redemption, with her pilot just alive,
Her crew had teleported to survive.
Slave said farewell to Tarrant, just before his power died,
Though crawly and obsequious, we'll miss him on our side,
Orac's fate was never known, that electronic brain,
May help the spirit of the seven live again.
Live again, etc.

Gan died leaving Central, "I'm not worth dying for",
He got trapped under rubble, when he stayed to hold a door,
Cally died on Terminal, alone Blake's name she cried,
And Jenna hit the self destruct and died.
Vila died a hero, and Dayna just got shot,
We saw Soolin and Tarrant fall, as troopers shot the lot,
Avon's death was linked to Blake's which surely caused him pain,
Now let the spirit of the seven live again.
Live again, etc.

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