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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor
tune: Eileen O'Grady

I was a free trader, a daring, flash raider,
I'd out-fly the whole FSA,
I'd fly across borders, defy all their orders,
In fact, have a wonderful day.
I can fight in high heels and I'm death upon wheels,
I'll kick any man when he's down,
But look at me later teleport operator,
I tell you, it's getting me down.

Come, come, come and fly with us, let's have a brand new show!
Rewrite the script, change every bit,
Let's take the money and damn revolution!
Go on the lam, join Servalan, and we'll fly out to the stars,
We're Ladies from Hades; we don't take no 'maybes',
So just come along and the world will be ours!

I can talk to your mind, but it's really unkind,
For I get taken over each week,
I may be an alien and sesquipedalian,
But don't treat me like I'm a freak.
On Saurian Major, an oath I had made there,
To kill until I was killed,
But on Liberator, I'm just the first aider,
I think I've been badly deskilled.

I'm a weapons designer, I make gun and primer,
I'm top of them all in my field,
In hand to hand combat, I'll show any man that
I'll kill him, if he doesn't yield.
But of late they've been changing, the fights they're arranging,
For if a man's macho and tough
They'll let him start winning. If that's a beginning,
I'm leaving, for I've had enough.

I'm fast and I'm smart, I'm the best at my art,
And I'll beat any man on the draw,
I can hit any target. If you wager on it,
I'll double my previous score.
So far I'm well written, but what if I'm stricken,
With the malaise that's hit girls before?
If I must play Cupid, and start to act stupid,
I'd better walk out of the door!

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