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by Judith Proctor

tune: Fiddler's Green.

What happens to old fans when they die? I decided this question deserved serious consideration... (Oddly enough, I was using 'gay' in the sense of 'happy' in this particular song, but don't let that stop you taking it the other way if you want to)

As I walked a convention at dead of the night,
To see if a drink could be found before light,
I heard an old filk fan a-singing this song,
"Won't you take me away girls, my time is not long -"

Wrap me up in my fancy dress costume,
At conventions no more I'll be seen,
Just tell my old fan friends,
I've gone where it all ends,
And I'll see you someday inside of a dream.

Now fans share a dream and I've oft' heard them tell,
It's a place you can go if you don't to hell,
Where Blake is alive and Kerr Avon is gay,
And the cares of the real world are far far away -

The Feds are defeated and justice restored,
And Zen is still there with the crew all on board,
There's peace and there's love and there's laughter, by heck,
For they still have those arguments on the flight deck -

I don't want a harp nor a halo, not me,
Just give me the people I saw on TV,
And I'll play my old squeeze box as we sail along,
With myself and the crew all a-singing this song -

PS. You think I'm kidding about the squeeze box...?

Methods for locating Judith at a convention -

1. Try dealer's table (in dealers room)

2. Look for Gareth Thomas (in bar)

3. Listen for the concertina (in whatever remote corner of the convention the organisers have decided to stick filkers in this year).

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