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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having

It's Lonely When You Never See The Sky

by Judith Proctor

tune: The Fields of Athenry

By a city prison cell, I saw a young girl crying,
Blake, I know they're taking you away,
But they wiped me from your mind,
There is nothing left behind,
I'm lonely, for you do not know me now.

Fly high, to that far alien sky,
Where you may see the birds freely fly,
But I must stay at home,
Trapped inside this city dome,
It's lonely when you never see the sky.

On a far off prison ship, I heard a young man saying,
Nothing matters more than being free,
Against a system I despise,
I rebelled, so they spread lies,
I'm coming back, they're not yet rid of me.

By a viewscreen in a dome, she watched a faint star fading,
As that prison ship sailed out into the sky,
Sure she'll wait and hope and pray,
For her love so far away,
But it's lonely when you never see the sky.

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