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Rushing Around in Space Song

by Chris Blenkarn

After: "Tripping hither, tripping thither, Nobody knows why or whither" - the fairies song from Iolanthe by Gilbert and Sullivan

This started life as a chorus song but Vila kinda took it over. You know how it is.....

Solo: Vila.

Scrambling hither, scrambling thither
Stumble once and down you slither
It's no garden paradise
Can't we fight for freedom somewhere nice?
I'm fed up with all these chalk pits
I am sure to break an ankle
Lots of rest and tea and biscuits
Would allow it not to rankle
I've not got the proper footwear
I'll get caught by aliens hairy
Or some plant will me ensnare
Blake's fervour tends to leave you wary

Scuttling hither, scuttling thither
Pass that probe, I'm in a dither
Where'd I put my bag of tricks
I'll have this open in two ticks.
Yet another relay station
Blake has scheduled for destruction
Crippling space communications'
His idea of crew induction
Now we're sprinting down a corridor
Before we can get shot at
Seems that flying's next in store
Oh great! I really will enjoy that

Hurtling hither, hurtling thither
Avon's moods a saint would wither
Of Star One we've found no trace
It's all Blake's fault, this wild goose chase.
He is searching for a brain print
We suspect he's gone bananas
But he will not take the hint
Just stares for hours at the scanners
Well. he's always been quite headstrong
Just ask Avon if you doubt me
Now we're going for a thong
Of this obsession we are weary

We are all exasperated
With our leader bold and fearless
Freedom fighting's overrated
Rebel life can be so cheerless.

We are all exasperated!

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