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The Rotterdam filk

This is to the tune of The Beautiful South's Rotterdam, and is the second tune Fi and I (Steve Kilbane) did at Redemption '01. I actually managed to play this one approximately correctly, which is a first.

And the people do their work
and they don't ask what it's about.
Their minds are all clear and
Free from any doubt.
The population is drugged,
But not like before.
We've finally found the means
That we've been looking for.

And they'll do
Anything you ask them
And anything they're told
'Cos people do anything
On Pylene control
Pylene control.

And everyone is good and
Everyone is gullible.
And when people are so gullible
They become so meek and malleable.
Malleable is good,
It keeps them good and scared.
We tell them what we want to,
And they still want us there.


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