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Breaking In And Out Song

by Chris Blenkarn

After "With Catlike Tread upon the place we steal" from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan.

In anxious dread
I'm working on this screw
I should've stayed in bed
I'm coming down with 'flu
There, that's it done
She's free - c'mon, I'm off
Now where has Tarrant gone?
Oh dear, I'm going to cough


So stealthily we rebels creep
I hope my bracelet doesn't beep.
Oh no, the sirens shriek
Let's not dilly-dally
Teleport us, Cally
Looks like the outlook's bleak
Avon, we are up shit creek.
Let's try this corridor, where's Cally got to?
Wait for me, Avon; I feel safe with you
Help, Liberator! Get us out of this!
I'm too young to die, don't want to meet my Nemesis.


It's boring here
There's nothing much to do
Patrolling the frontier
Out of harm's way, it's true
Almost five o'clock
Soon be time for tea
Once more around the block
Then Jaffa cakes for me


Oh goodnesss me, what is that noise?
It made me jump but not for joys
Where has the prisoner gone?
Here's the section leader
Come to see who's freed her
S'pose we had better run
A trooper's life is not much fun.

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