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Booze, Glorious Booze

By - Joanne MacQueen
Tune : Food glorious food

Is it worth the waiting for
If I live 'til forty-four?
All they ever are is cruel!
Every day I say a prayer,
Hoping someone else will care,
Still they keep in being cruel!
There's not a drop, not a splash can I find,
Can I beg, can I steal or cadge.
But there's nothing to stop me from getting a thrill
If I just close my eyes and imagine

Booze, glorious booze!
Hot toddy and muscat!
Now I am enthused,
Cold Baileys and claret!
Rhines, rhieslings and sauvignons,
Give me that old corkscrew.
Bring ice I can pour it on
All night through!
Booze, glorious booze,
All I can lay hands on.
Barrels and bottles a day,
Tables I can dance on.
Just picture Wyndham Estate
Tapped, chilled and then sluiced!
Oh, booze, wonderful booze,
Marvellous booze, glorious booze!

Booze, glorious booze!
What is there more handsome?
From malt or grapejuice,
Worth a planet's ransom!
What is it I dream about,
What brings on a sigh?
Piled barrels of beer about
Six feet high!
Booze, glorious booze!
Slurp right through the cellar.
Just grab a new glass,
And you're a fine fella.
Work up a new thirst, ho ho!
Don't need an excuse
To booze, once again booze,
Fabulous booze, glorious booze!

Booze, glorious booze!
Don't care what it comes in,
Mug, goblet or shoes,
Don't care if your thumb's in!
Just thinking of getting drunk
Sets my senses reeling.
One hour of knowing that
Dizzy feeling!
Booze, glorious booze!
What wouldn't I give for
Just half a glass more,
Before my head is sore?
In all of my dreams when I
Lay my head to snooze
There's booze, magical booze, wonderful booze,
Marvellous booze, fabulous booze, beautiful booze,
Glorious booze!

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