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Three Very Youthful Rebels We

by Chris Blenkarn

After: "Three Little Maids from School" from the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan

Trio: Dayna, Tarrant, Soolin

Three very youthful rebels we
Fierce as a rebel well can be
Dying to go on a shooting spree
Three youthful rebels keen.
One on Sarran did Avon greet
One went AWOL from Space Fleet
One with her gun can kill toute de suite
Three youthful rebels we.
Three youthful rebels led from Xenon
On a wild goose chase by Kerr Avon
Trying to find Roj Blake who's long gone
Three youthful rebels we
Three youthful rebels we.

One youthful rebel likes an older man
One liked the mating ritual plan
The third's had enough with Dorian
One youthful rebel has a scornful stare
One youthful rebel is quite debonair
The third takes all day just to blow dry her hair
Two youthful rebels rash and headstrong
Joined by the third once she's pinned up her bouffant
Into an ambush flying headlong
Three youthful rebels we
Three little rebels we.

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