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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor

tune: "Home Boys, Home", or "The Road to Mandalay"

On a world that they call Home, there's a girl who sits alone,
I see her when I'm thinking and I'm drinking on my own.
The wind is on the water and I hear her clearly say,
Oh, won't you come back, Vila. Won't you come again some day.

So, I'll have a glass of wine, and I'll dream just one more time,
Of lovely, lethal Kerril, she's the girl I left behind.
I wonder lovely Kerril, do you ever think of me?
Maybe all the things I'm dreaming are just things I want to see?

I see you with a daughter, or maybe it's a son,
A boy just like his father, but a crack shot with a gun,
He's clever and he's handsome, just like I want to be,
And I think you named him Vila, in memory of me.

I see you telling stories when he sits upon your knee,
About a daring rebel who just happens to be me,
A thief beyond comparison, who stole your heart away,
Even though you only knew him, for but a single day.

I know you'll never marry, you'll be single all your life,
For if you can't have Vila, you will never be a wife,
The men will all be jealous, every time you pass them by,
And wish they'd been the lucky man, who chanced to catch your eye.

I'd really love to find you, but I think I do not dare,
You see there see there is the danger, that you no longer care,
So I'll just sit here drinking, and I'll tell myself more lies,
Believing I still have the love, I saw within your eyes.

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