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The Orbit Song

by Chris Blenkarn

"Orbit" isn't exactly a barrel of fun so this song has been re-written several times to try and insert gratuitous cheap laughs: I'm not certain Gilbert and Sullivan were ever into angst. " Blake" comes next.

The Orbit Song

(After "Here's a how-de-doo" from The Mikado)

Duet: Avon, Vila
Here's a how-de-doo
I almost murdered you
Then once I'd found that neutron star
My infelicitous faux pas
I must admit I rue
Here's a how-de-doo

Here's a nasty mess
My misty-eyed distress
Could all have been avoided, when
With your habitual acumen
You saved us, I confess
But still, a nasty mess

This wasn't in the plan
When we met Egrorian
Despatching you were action drastic
So, in lieu, I spaced the plastic
Forgive me, if you can
This wasn't in the plan

I'm feeling rather fraught
To think my death you sought
Each time the toast is Down the Hatch
I'll bear in mind you'd me despatch
As a very last resort
And skip that glib retort!

You are safe with me as always -

That a promise or a threat?

Must we friendship reappraise?

This is one trip I won't forget
Your plans for that airlock
Were something of a shock

Yet Malodaar we did survive
We both have stayed alive.
Here's a nasty how-de-doo!

Chris Blenkarn

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