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This filk is on the tape Some Dreams Are Worth Having


by Judith Proctor

tune: The Ash Grove

Oh, I've seen the beauties of stars in their courses,
Of planets and nebulae wondrous to see,
But if I could choose, I would view the white horses,
That danced in the foam by my home in the sea.
We'd walk by the seashore and watch the sun setting,
In orange and gold as it sank 'neath the sea,
My father and sister, all troubles forgetting,
As we walked on the shore line of Sarran's green sea.

I've new friends beside me, companions to guide me,
But ask me of family - I'll say I have none,
We once watched the sun set, beneath the deep salt sea,
But now there's just memory, for they are gone.
I'll never see father or my sister Lauren,
Their bodies unburied, they lie there alone,
But still I remember those sunsets on Sarran,
On far away Sarran, the world I called home.

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