All Known Blake's 7 Filk Tapes

Songs of the Seven

Words and Music by Linda Short.


Comment by Judith: Generally folky in flavour, I enjoy this tape, although I prefer "Ditties from the Edge of the World", which is also by Linda Short.

Ditties from the Edge of the World

All Songs Sung by Linda Short,
Bound for CygnusTrad / Linda Short
Queen of SeasonsMaria Przeslawska
Trooper GreyLinda Short
Summer-time KnightLinda Short, inspired by Sue Walker
Anti-hero's LamentVal Douglas
Kerril and SonLinda Short
B7 in Brief?
Star of the Delta GradeTrad / Linda Short
Lily of SarranMaria Przeslawska
Mistress of the UniverseJean Sheward
Anna'a SongLinda Short, inspired by Sue Walker
RetributionCarol West
Drink up thy SomaTrad / Linda Short

Judith - This is a tape I frequently find myself singing along to. From me there is no higher praise.

Hip Deep in Heros

By The Zen Nine from Outer Space

Judith - This one is slightly more pop orientated, there are a few good songs but I don't enjoy it as much as Linda Short's tapes. Basicly it depends on your taste in music.

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