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Links to Blake's 7 Material on the Web

If you know of any relevant links that are missing please mail me at Judith Proctor.

All of these links were checked on or since 10th December 1998 for relevance and existence.

See also Online Fiction which is an index of all known Blake's 7 Online Fiction.

Recomended Sites

These are likely to contain the largest or most useful or interesting material on Blake's 7

The Blake's 7 Appreciation Society, the largest Blake's 7 fanclub with a wide rage of merchandise and photos for sale.

Loads of pictures, sound files, transcripts and an archive of messages from the mailing list. Also available via FTP from

Kathryn Andersen
Refractions the multi media genzine edited by Kathryn Andersen and other Blake's 7 material, reviews, pictures etc.

Also support of Ennarrare.

The Tarrant Nostra Home Page
This is a site devoted to the Blake's 7 character Del Tarrant, and the actor who portrayed him, Steven Pacey.

The Avon Club
Information about Avon. Avon club merchandise

The site for B7 fanfic writers
And lots of other useful information for Fanzine writers. Also some out of print online fiction.
Jean Graham's page
Jean was the editor of Gambit and the co editor of The Way Back.

Also the complete zine "Mirage".

Louise and Simon's Blakes 7 Fan Site
Includes chat, discussion forums, caption competition, How to make Blakes7 gadgets, pictures, sound, episode guides, links and growing!

Also home to Wobblevision.

Master Piece Models
Make a Liberator Model kit.

Other Sites

These contain some Blake's 7 information.
This is the site for Blake's 7 Enterprises - the current copyright holders.

Travis' Dossier
A good site.
The Visions convention in the USA which covers Dr Who, Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Red Dwarf and Forever Knight.
Rachel Hayward
Rachel has some pictures of an Avon Puppet.
Misha's Web Page
Mainly fan-fiction.
Barbara Paul
Barbara Paul, is a professional writer. On this site are discusses the links between Avon and her character Holland.
Catherine Mintz
Some Episode Summaries.
Blake's 7 Sounds
Sound bytes, sorted by series.
Donna Randall's Site
Another Donna Randall Site
With Blake's 7 wallpapaer designs amoung other things.
Stephen Grief's own web page
Blake's 7 and Hamlet
This site compares Blakes 7 and Hamlet.
Rate the Episodes
This is a survey site where you can rate all the episodes of Blake's 7 along with alot of other sci-fi shows.
Una's Site Una's 'Animals Appreciatiion' site - why not take a fresh look at the most unpopular episode of them all?

Also fanfiction, pictures of Stephen Grief and a Q study of Blake's 7.

Neil Faulkner's Site
Tounge in cheek articles on Kerr Avon, Spacials and other things.
Mary Van Deusen's Music Video's
Judith says there are wonderfull.

A parody of Horizon's Web Site
Martin Bowers Model World Martin is a seriously dedicated modeller. He was supervising model maker on Alien, Flash Gordon and Outland. He also worked on Dr Who, Tripods, Space 1999 and of course Blakes 7 to name a few. He was the person responsible for the Teleport Bracelet, Servalans ship, the Federation Pursuit ships and several others. His site, although still evolving, will consist of several photo's (hundreds!) and many reviews of his work.

Betty Ragans site
Rita D'Orac's site - Vila, Conventions, Vila and general B7.

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Last updated on 30th of June 2004.