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Blake's 7 Mailing lists, News groups etc

Information about mailing lists, Newsgroups, etc that are either totally or partially Blake's 7.

If you wish to add information about fanclubs please contact me (Judith) at and I'll add you to this page.

The Blake's 7 Mailing List
While not a fan club in the usual sense of the word, the Blake's 7 mailing list run from Lysator is one of the main meeting places for fans online and usually has some interesting topics of discussion going on.

The Blake's 7 Mailing List FAQ.

See the details abput subscribing, unsubscribing and controlling the list.

Also see Kathryns guide to Lyst Culture .

To access the back files and material on Lysator read the web pages at Lysator. or by FTP from

Is there an archive file I can dig through? Oh yes, there is. holds everything from 11 September 1995 up until nearly now (it usually lags about a day behind getting copied to the FTP disk). holds nearly everything before September 1995, with a gap in August and September '95.

There is a full search engine at : archive page

This list has a simple spamfilter installed. The way it works is that only subscribers are allowed to post. If you want to be able to post from a different address than the one you're subscribed at, then you need to inform the listmaster.

A picture and some history about Lysator

Freedom City
Freedom City is a Blake's 7 mailing list for people who are not offended by adult and slash discussions. (This has replaced the Space City list). It is complementary to the Lysator list and many people are members of both. It is considered courteous to avoid posting adult and slash topics to the Lysator list as some members will inevitably be offended.

You don't have to be a slash fan to join Freedom City, some of the members simply enjoy the relaxed environment.

Freedom City Mail List FAQ and joining instructions.

Freedom City Spin List
There is now a spin list for Freedom City - (for off-topic discussions that develop on Freedom City that should be taken elsewhere)

To subscribe, either send a mail with a subject of "help" to...

...which will get you a copy of the rather voluminous instructions, or point your favourite web browser at...


...and give it your mail address that way.

Blake's 7 Off Topic spin off list
And while we're here, there is yet another list, which does not appear on list list of B7 lists (for good reason):

The Blake's 7 Off Topic spin off list (b7spin), was created as a place where off topic issues from the Blake's 7 list could be continued and explored in the depth.

Occasionally, a thread may drift back to Blake's 7 again and return to the main list. All mail from the Off Topic List contains "b7spin:" in the subject so you can tell.

The Spin List has moved to its new home in Melbourne. For an easy life, subscription and unsubscription is automatic.
TO POST: Send an e-mail to ''
TO SUBSCRIBE:Send an e-mail with a Subject line of 'subscribe' to ''.
TO UNSUBSCRIBE:Send an e-mail with a Subject line of 'unsubscribe' to ''.
Metva has a strong anti-spam policy and rejects mail from known spam sources including anyone with X-Advertising in their header. If you are trying to post and nothing is happening, this is probably the problem; please contact me.

The 'Spin' list is for topics on the Lysator Blake's 7 list that drift wildly off topic but still have people wanting to talk about them. These discussions can move to the spin-off list and continue there. eg. debates on religion, politics, etc.

The list is administered by : Ross Mallett

The Blake's 7 Spanish Mailing List
A new mail list is operating from Spain since some months, as a resource for non-anglospeaking blakies. More info visiting:

subscribe: mail to
or typing "lista","eListas", "los 7 de blake" in the majority of searching engines.

Juan Pedro Esteve Garcia

News Groups
The following Newsgroups are known to exist:

Blake's 7 Chat Rooms (IRC)
There are two we are aware of:
  1. There are a couple of B7 chatrooms that the site owners have asked me to mention here. One is Java and the other is HTML. They're both at

    There's usually someone there between 6 p.m and 12 a.m. GMT, and on weekends. :-)

  2. Why is #blakes7 on empty as the room in "Star One"?

    With some appropriate IRC software:

    Connect to

    Type in the command line: /join #blakes7

Discussion Forum There is an discusion forum at this part of Louise and Simon's site Recommended by Steve Rogerson.

Space City
The Final Space City FAQ

Space City (the B7 mail list slanted towards discussions of the characters, their relationships, and fanfic of all ratings) was closed down in August, 1999 due to list owner burnout.

If you want to join another mail list with a similar range of topics and feeling of friendliness, you should check out Freedom City above.

Aquitar's Blake's 7 Message Board I was wondering if you could add the Blake's 7 message board to your list. It was developed from the material found at the Aquitar! Yahoo Club which deals with in depth commentaries on each episodes. Due to the limitations of Yahoo! We decided to extend to a message board allowing a greater to freedom to post many subjects rather than just the one.

Aquitar's Blake's 7 Message Board Steve Jones

Yahoo Group for fans of 1970's TV
I run the group below which is a yahoogroup for fans of 1970s British TV, Dr. Who, Blake's 7 & Carry On films at...

Karen Inskip-Hayward.

Warning - there is a growing spread of Mail Hoaxes - this page tells you a little about them - remember they are hoaxes.

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last changed on 22nd of May 2003