Gareth Thomas - Chronological - 2000-2999

This section lists every professional appearance by Gareth Thomas that we have been able to trace. If you know of any additional material, dates, photos, events or anything interesting please contact Judith.

This section is continuously under development, with more details of Gareth's activities being added as we hear about them.

Note: the dates given for TV/Radio shows are where possible the first showing of the first episode where applicable, not when they were made.

RIPGareth has managed to die in a surprisingly large number of roles. The RIP symbol is shown against performances he is known to have died in.

Gareth has been known to bemoan the fact that he never gets to play lovers. The statistics seem to bear him out. Heart symbols indicate a romance, they appear to be heavily outnumbered by tombstones. (Parts where he is already married don't qualify. )

Gareth has said that he does't want to be thought of as just a Welsh actor, but as an actor who can do English and Welsh characters with equal ease. He has lived for a long time in England, and now in Scotland, after his early years in Wales. He has been cast in a lot of Welsh roles over the years. Leeks indicate Welsh parts.

Material here, comes from many sources including :- Blake's 7 magazine, Chris Blenkarn, Joyce Bowen, Sue Clerc, Robert Cheadle, Sue Cowley, Pat Fenech, The Freedom City Gazette (FCG), Horizon magazine, Julia Jones, Andrew Kearley, Gareth Randell, Judith Proctor, The Prydonian Renegade (March 96), Together Again - Action, TV Zone Special #4, Stellar Quines, Dundee Rep Theatre, Theatre Clwyd, The Magenta Partnership, Royal Lyceum Theatre - Edinburgh, Alan Stevens, Pete Wallbank, Andy Hopkinson, Mark Thompson, The Scottish Theatre Archive, Blake's 7 The Inside Story, The Archives of The Royal Shakespeare Company, Sheelagh Wells, Gareth Thomas and some very nice people who have asked not to be identified.

27 Jan 2000Theatre
Twelfth Night Gareth Thomas played Sir Toby Belch in a production of 'Twelfth Night' at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (near Edinburgh) from 27 January to 12 February 2000.

Review from The Scotsman (This is their picture)
Review from Edinburgh News 16 Jan 2000
Review from Edinburgh News 27 Jan 2000
Review from The Scotsman 31 Jan 2000
Review from Edinburgh News 31 Jan 2000
Review by Julia Jones 5 Feb 2000
More Pictures

24 Mar 2000Theatre
Equus Gareth Thomas appeared in Equus at Salisbury Playhouse from 24th March to 8th April. He played the psychiatrist.

Review By Judith
Review from the Financial Times.

15 Feb 2000TV
The Strangerers Sky 1 screened 'The Strangerers', the wacky new SF/comedy series by Rob Grant for 10 weeks from 15th February 2000 (8.30pm) Gareth is a police officer in eppisode 1 and Paul Darrow is in 7 or 8 episodes after that, playing Mr Seedy. Sheelagh Wells also did makeup (She did makeup for much of B7).

Mar 2000Audio CD
Soldiers of Love - Planet of Death Soldiers Of Love Gareth, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating are in this episode, Gareth plays The Editor, `Nermal Hammond'.

Also Information about Soldiers of Love. Judith sells these CDs.

22 Apr 2000TV
Randall & Hopkirk, (deceased) Gareth Thomas appeared as Dickie Bechard, the landlord of a country pub, in episode 6 'A Man of Substance' of the remake TV series 'Randall & Hopkirk, deceased' starring Reeves & Mortimer.  
2 May 2000Video
Legal Man Gareth Thomas did recording work on a video single 'Legal Man' for the band Belle and Sebastian, appearing with "two belly dancers, a couple of transvestites, two 'dandies', and a girl with a python" in a set based on Soho gentlemen's club circa 1967.

9 May 2000Apperance
Fab Cafe Gareth appeared at Manchester's Fab Cafe on Tues 9th May for 'An Audience With Gareth Thomas' starting at 8.00. He's been there before and is a popular guest.  
28 Jun 2000CD
The Actor Speaks Gareth Thomas is the focus in the pilot of MJTV's new range of CDs called 'The Actor Speaks' Each CD will focus on a particular actor and aims to highlight their diverse talents and abilities. It also aims to explore areas of the character that actor is well-known for playing. It will not retread areas that other CDs, tapes or videos have previously done.

The Actor Speaks - Volume 1 - Gareth Thomas

More Details.

1 Jul 2000Signing
Tenth Planet Gareth was at a signing of The Actor Speaks at Tenth Planet, 36 Vicarage Shopping Centre, Barking, Essex. From 1:00 to 4:00  
Sep 2000Video
Hamlet Gareth in October 99 played Claudius in a schools educational video of "Hamlet". It is being made by Cromwell Films, who were also involved with Merlin the Magic begins. Part of this was shot at Peebles (there is a castle there). Most of the filming took place at the same time as Gareth was appearing in The Clearing in Glasgow. This was released in September 2000.

  • Review By Judith Proctor.

  • 8 Sep 2000Theatre
    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Gareth Thomas played Oberon/Theseus in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' from 8th September until 21st October at the Nottingham Playhouse and then also a major role in 'Dear Brutus' by J.M. Barrie, which opens 29th September for one week, then the two plays are where in rep until 21st October. On 7th, 14th and 21st of October both plays were acted.


    8 Sep 2000Theatre
    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Gareth Thomas played Oberon/Theseus in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' from 8th September until 21st October at the Nottingham Playhouse and then also a major role in 'Dear Brutus' by J.M. Barrie, which opens 29th September for one week, then the two plays are where in rep until 21st October. On 7th, 14th and 21st of October both plays were acted.


    16 Sep 2000TV
    I Love the 70's Clips of Blake's 7 and interviews with Gareth, Paul and Jaqueline.

    27 Oct 2000ConventionCult TV Gareth was at Cult TV from 27 to 29th October 2000.

    2 Nov 2000TVSouth West News Gareth was filmed while at Cult TV, and this appeared on ITV's South West Lunchtime News.

    The item lasted about 3/4 mins. The Blakes 7 theme accompanied the report. Gareth thomas was interviewed, basically saying he was having a good time and amazed at the longevity of Blakes 7, then pulling faces through the back of a stacking chair! Judith, zine in hand, was singing (very well I might add) a filk song. The dealers room, a sweeping shot of the attendee's in the main hall and the presenter (Ron Bendall) wondering if he would eventually be a cult TV figure concluded the piece.

    Jan 2001CD
    Storm Warning Written by Alan Barnes (editor of Doctor Who Magazine), directed by Gary Russell. Paul McGann returns to Doctor Who in the first of four stories as the Eighth Doctor; also introducing India Fisher as Charlotte "Charley" Pollard and guest starring Gareth Thomas ("Blake's 7") as Lord Tamworth.

    21 Jan 2001TV
    Baddiel's Syndrome Gareth was in three episodes of Baddiel's Syndrome which is broadcast on Sky. He was in the episode "Dead Grandma" on Jan 21st and "Dream Home" on 19th March, and "Religious Uncertainity" on 9th April.

    He played Colin - David Baddiel's Welsh father.

    This was a joke within the series, as Baddiel is Jewish. However, I am told the joke has a basis in real life and Gareth actually bears a passing resemblence to David's father.

    1 Feb 2001TheatreHamlet Gareth appeared in Hamlet playing Polonius, and The Gravedigger, at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (near Edinburgh) from 1st to 17th February 2001.
    19 Feb 2001FilmPossessions Gareth was in Possessions a video made by MJTV. Gareths part of this was filmed on 19th and 20th February 2001.

    Sixfoothigh films decided in June '02 not to do a full scale release of the film. (a small number of private viewing copies were sold to individuals).

    The film was written, directed and produced by Mark Thompson, but it was financed by sixfoothight films and they own the rights to it.

    Gareth appears for about an hour in as the suspicious 'Inspector Sabworth' and has a large amount to do for the following hour. Other actors included Peter Miles, Debbie Watling, Anna Karen and Mark Thompson (as a posh documentary presenter!)

    23 Feb 2001Convention
    Redemption Gareth was at Redemption '01 from 23rd to 25th February 2001.

    25 May 2001Convention
    Eclectic 21 Gareth Thomas and Jaqueline Pearce was at Eclectic 21. 25th to 27th May 2001.

    Photo (c) Simon Marsh.

    There are other photos at Eclecti's website.

    25 Jun 2001CDDalek Empire 1 Recorded 6 May 2001.
    6 Jul 2001ConventionNexus Gareth was at Nexus 6th to 8th July 2001.
    Jul 2001TVDoctors Gareth recorded an episode of 'Doctors' for the BBC. He appears as a sick farmer in episode 18 'Chip off the old Block' - due to air late September/early October.

    Although the episode was actually broadcast on Wednesday, the Radio Times entry is on Friday because they list all the guest actors in a soap in a single entry at the end of the week.

    6 Aug 2001CDDalek Empire 2 Recorded 3 June 2001.
    10 Aug 2001Theatre
    Moving Objects Gareth at the Edinburgh Fastival. Gareth appeared in 'Moving Objects', a play written for him by Mark D. Thompson (who directed him in 'Hamlet' and 'Twelfth Night' at the Brunton theatre). Gareth plays Joseph Leibovitch, an East European refugee from the Holocaust, now working as a pawnbroker. The play ran from 10 - 24 August at the Brunton Theatre, Musselborough, near Edinburgh.

    In an interview with Jackie McGlone, David Mark Thompson (writer and director of the play) said: "The new play was written with Thomas in mind. "I am not one of those young (well youngish) directors who think older actors come from another planet. I love working with him -- we push each other -- or an actor like Michael Mackenzie. They bring immense craft and guile to their work."

    Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman
    2 Reviews By Thom Dibdin

    25 Oct 2001CDSoldiers of Love 8 This was recorded on 2 Sept 2001.
    19 Nov 2001ReadingThe Last Moons Gareth did a play reading, on Monday 19th November - lunchtime. Doing a play reading Upstairs at The Gatehouse (Pub/Theatre), Highgate. The performance began at 12.30pm - the play is 'The Last Moons' by Furial Bordon, adapted by William Weaver. Director is David Newman. Gareth says Act 2 is him doing a monologue. The play takes a wry, intimate and funny look at the subject of Old Age!
    25 Nov 2001SigningThe Who Shop Gareth's was signing the newly released Big Finish CD 'Dalek Empire - Pt 3' at the Who Shop, 4 Station Parade, High Street North, East Ham, London E6 1JD. From 12 noon to 3pm Sunday 25th November. Joining him was be Stephen Greif who was signing copies of the Big Finish CD 'Primeval'.

    4 Oct 2001TheatreRetherford and Son Gareth Thomas played Rutherford in Rutherford and Son at the Playhouse Theatre, Salisbury from 4th to 27th October 2001. Rehearsals began on 10th September.

    This is directed by Joanna Read, who directed Equus at the same theatre in March 2000.

    Review by Judith Proctor
    Review by Dee Adcock of the Salisbury Journal
    Review by Lyn Gardner of The Guardian
    Review from "This is Wiltshire"
    Review by Stephen Giles of The Stage

    Jul 2001TVTop Ten TV: Sci-Fi Channel 4, 9pm covered Blake's 7.

    29 Oct 2001CDDalek Empire 3 Recorded 2 Sep 2001.
    19 Jan 2002CDDalek Empire 4
    19 Jan 2002Signing10th Planet Gareth was signing copies of the newly released Big Finish CD 'Dalek Empire IV - 'Project Infinity' in which he stars as Kalendorf. At the 10th Planet Bookshop, Unit 36 Vicarage Field, Shopping Centre, Ripple Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8DQ. On Saturday 19th January, from 1/4pm.
    20 Jan 2002Radio PlayRob Roy Gareth was in the classic serial 'Rob Roy' on Radio 4 which started at 3pm on Sunday 20th January 2002, and continued for the next two Sundays. He playing the parts of Sir Hildebrande Osbaldistone and a Barber and a Servant. It was repeated on the following Saturdays at 9pm.
    7 Feb 2002Theatre
    French Without Tears Gareth played M Maingot in Terence Rattigan's 'French Without Tears' at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter from 07/23 February 2002. "I'm afraid my part's 95% in French," he says... (he's teaching 3 young English lads to speak French..).

    Notes By Joyce Bowen.

    The photo of Maingot is credited to Alan Winn and copyright Northcott Theatre Company 2002.

    25 Mar 2002CDSoldiers of Love 9 This was recorded on 2 Sept 2001.
    11 Apr 2002TheatreThree Sisters Gareth played Army Medical Officer Doctor Ivan Romanovich Chebutykin in Anton Chekhov's 'Three Sisters', which stared Imogen Stubbs and Dulcie Gray. The play opens at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton on 11 April for a month, and then a short tour. The dates/venues are:

    11 April/11 May 02 - Nuffield Theatre, Southampton.
    13/18 May 02 - The Malvern Theatre, Malvern.
    20/25 May 02 - New Victoria Theatre, Woking.
    27 May/01 June 02 - Theatre Royal, Bath.
    03/08 June in Cambridge.

    There is a review at The Stage.

    21 Apr 2002Radio InterviewIsle of Wight Radio Gareth recorded an interview with Isle of Wight Radio presenter John Hannam, which was broadcast on Sunday 21st April between 12 noon and 1 PM.

    "John talks to the biggest showbiz stars every week with more big names on the way. This week it's the turn of the TV stars. Guests include Gareth Thomas (Blake from Blake's 7), Angela Lonsdale (Emma Watts in Coronation Street) and Bruce Johns who plays Les Battersby."

    He said the play was "great fun" and that the production was "very good." He was also pleased that he wasn't the oldest member of the cast as he had been in 'FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS'. He thought that his character Cherbutykin was a little bit like Chekhov himself; Cherbutykin is an observer, although he doesn't comment much. Gareth said the play was "not quite nihilistic but close to it," and that Chekhov was "wonderful stuff."

    18 May 2002SigningThe Videodrome Gareth was in a signing session at the The Videodrome, The Shambles, Worcester on Saturday 18th May from 10am-1pm

    25 June 2002CDSoldiers of Love 10 and 11 These were recorded on 2 June 2002.
    9 July 2002TVShipman The drama documentary about the serial killer Doctor Shipman, in which Gareth plays the Vicar, was shown on Tuesday 9th July, on ITV/Carlton - 9pm/10pm and concluding 10.20pm/11.20pm.
    25 Aug 2002SigningMemorabili On August 25th at Memorabilia, SECC, Glasgow from 11am to 4pm. Both Gareth and Paul Darrow were there.

    7 Sep 2002Theatre
    The Playboy of the Western World Gareth played Michael James Flaherty - a fat, jolly publican in 'The Playboy of the Western World' by J M Synge at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh from 07/28 September 2002.


    7 Nov 2002TheatreCat on a Hot Tin Roof Gareth played Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams' classic from 7th to 23rd November at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, Fife. He played this part a few years ago - see reviews.

    7 Dec 2002Radio PlayOffside in Bohemia Gareth played General Pokorne in a play for BBC Radio 4 from 14.30 to 15.30.
    23 Nov 2002TVCasualty He played a retired fireman who get his leg run over by his son-in-law who is trying to abduct his (Gareth's) grandson. This is episode 11 of Series 17 'Up to your neck in it', Gareth's character is called Jim Bailey.
    18 May 2003Radio PlayParade's End Gareth was in a radio play, this time for BBC Radio 3 - `Parade's End' an adaptation of the play by Ford Maddox Ford, directed by Patrick Raynor. He plays The General (Godfather to the hero). It was broadcast on 18th May from 6.30 to 9.15 pm. The books follow the life of Christopher Tietjens before, during and after the First World War.
    24 June 2003Theatre
    Boys Will Be Boys Gareth plays "Gus" in Boys will be Boys. A new play written, directed by and starring Simon Williams. It opens at The Mill, Sonning, Berkshire on 24th June until 2nd August. It then runs from August 4th to 9th at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

    Play: Romantic fiction, written by a woman for women is what the female species want to read. That's what publishers think! So the very masculine Lenny has been masquerading for a long time as Myrtle Banbury, the queen of romantic novels. But now he has had enough of the fame, the lies, the lipstick, the wig - to say nothing of the high heels. To complicate matters he has fallen desperately in love. He decides to 'kill off' his auntie Myrtle. But Lenny has reckoned without the notorious journalist, Letitia Butters who really believes Lenny has murdered his aunt. Lovelorn and miserably hoist on his own petard, Lenny improvises a hasty reincarnation for Myrtle. During the frantic sťance that follows Lenny makes sure that his cross-dressing alter ego will never again come back to haunt him.

    Review from Henley-on-Thames Leisure
    Review from the Daily Telegraph
    Review from the Slough Observer
    Review from The Times
    Review from The Stage

    1 Apr 2006Radio PlayLook Back in Anger This is part of a season of 6 plays to mark the 50th anniversary of the English Stage Company at the Royal Court theatre.
    8 May 2006RadioA Patriot for Us Gareth appeared for 5 consecutive days reading Radio 4's Book of the Week - 'A Patriot for Us' starting Monday 8 May on Radio 4 at 9.45/10am. Each day's episode was repeated at half past midnight. 'A Patriot for Us' is the biography of playwright John Osborne, written by John Heilpern. Source Radio Times and Horizon

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