Gareth Thomas in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Reviewed by Dragonfly.

Here is a review for the Midsummer Night's Dream that is currently playing at the Nottingham Play House. Fri 8 September - Saturday 21 October 2000.

I was very much over the moon when I learnt that my husband had booked tickets to take me to see this show and even though we have seen many live shows from pantos to Phantom of the Opera in London Westend this was one of the best. The set is wonderful; the cast are excellent and the staff at the Nottingham Play House were lovely.

The experience was enchanting, I have to say that all the cast could very well have been in shows in Londons westend and for the 8 pounds a ticket it is the best buy anyone could spend 8 pounds on.

Veronica Leer who plays Puck carries the play along, with many laughs and chuckles, also giving a very lively show was Martin Herdman who plays Bottom. - I know that you really want to hear all about Gareth Thomas but what can I say - a spectacular performance - if you are half dead drag the other half to go see it you won't be disappointed. The stage special effects are great. I really don't want to give anything away but it left me coming home on the train wishing I was heading back in the other direction to see the evening showing.

After the show I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet THE Gareth Thomas and he is just as I imagined him to be. Though he seemed very surprised to see me approaching him, from the loud and big performance he had just given he seemed humble and a lovely kind man, he cam out wearing a green jacket and a flat cap. I asked him if he would mind to sign my video sleeve for The Way Back/Spacefall he gave me a big smile and said "I sure you wasn't even born when these were on" (for those of you that don't know I am 24 - He does know how to flatter a lady) I explained that I have been a fan since I was 5 and he seemed to feel for me when I told him that I cried over the last episode at such a young age. I felt ever word when I was speaking to him for a while about the excellent performance that everone had just given and that after seeing Phantom of the Opera I actually felt that the show I had just seen had a much stronger cast, he told be that it was very hard work doing it twice a day. My husband chipped in asking if he could take a photo of me with him, which he took less than a moment to agree - as he took me by surprise and put his arm around me giving me a hug and saying that the pleasure would be all his (as he said this I blushed and looked at him just as Steve took the photo) - so I have do idea what the photo will come out like. We then wished each other well and he left telling us he was going to go and find somewhere to get a cup of tea! - What a lovely guy - He is just the chap I wish I had as a neighborough!

And I have to say I will be going back to see Dear Brutus

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Last updated on 22nd of October 2000.