Together Again - Action!

The tape starts off with a discussion of costumes, Stephen Greif and Paul compare their visits to Hardcore Leather; Gareth laments his goose-turd green boots! Stephen and Paul both being film buffs, we get a taste of the kind of conversations that used to go on during rehersals.

Then Gareth and Michael reminisce about who slept where on the Liberator and speculate on various reasons why there was no sex in the series. I think Gareth hit on the perfect explanation when he said... (you'll have to listen to the tape <grin>) We also discover why you never see Travis's face in the indoor scenes in 'Orac'. Then there's the risks of stunt work, the inevitable funny Vere Lorrimer story and plenty more besides.

On the second side, we're back to Paul, Gareth and Stephen again. One of the chief things that I remember this tape for is Stephen Greif. This came to me as a surprise as I've never been a great fan of Travis, but Stephen himself comes across as a very likeable man and it is amusing to realise (given that Blake and Travis were arch enemies) that he and Gareth were actually old friends long before the series began and had worked together in the Royal Shakespeare Company. After hearing this tape, I'd be far more likely to go and see Stephen at a convention.

There's plenty here: theatre reminiscences, a discussion about Blake and Travis's fight in Duel, conversation about aliens in Blake's 7 (Brian the spider, the 'squeeky' people, Zil, etc.) Learn how Stephen first got the part of Travis, and why he eventually left.

As usual, the atmosphere is relaxed and the whole feeling is that of a meeting of old friends. It's humorous (with this crowd, it would be hard for any tape to stay serious for long) and very enjoyable to listen to.

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