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A strong cast, led by Simon Williams, presents the comedy Boys Will Be Boys at The Mill at Sonning.

It is a tribute to his authorship and direction of the play and to his acting that its audience impact is so riveting.

The London suburban home of Lenny also functions as the place in which he writes romantic fiction, albeit in the pen name of Myrtle Banbury. It is a situation becoming fraught with problems for the real author as the alter ego of Myrtle threatens to take over - readers clamour to meet her!

The journalist, Letitia Butters, is instrumental in trying to hasten public exposure of the novelist. The devices for doing so, in this two-act play, are productive of surprise after surprise. Sheila Ballantine is particularly effective in the role of Letitia.

Members of Lenny's family - his father, Gus, and daughter Dee Dee - act as willing and pliable foils in the subterfuges necessary to conceal the identity of Myrtle. Gareth Thomas and Amy Williams are delightfully suited to the parts.

The estranged wife of the author makes a re-appearance after eight years of separation; Fran, played by Karen Ascoe, makes a strong and decisive impact on the outcome of the final scene.

Much reliance is placed on the notable effects of sound and lighting in the two separate sections of the clever set design. Roslyn Nash and Jacqueline Hutson are, respectively, to be congratulated.


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Last updated on 27th of July 2003.