Blake's 7 - The Inside Story

A book has been published by Virgin about the making of Blake's 7. This is a great deal better than the miserable effort by Adrian Rigglesford that was published last year by Boxtree, because the people behind it, Sheelagh Wells and Joe Nazarro, know what they are talking about. Sheelagh Wells did the make-up on the series and knows many of the cast well. Joe is well known for his interviews in TV magazines and has talked to many people associated with the programme.

Cover reproduced with permission of the authors.

Detailed index by subject

(Front Cover 78K)

Review by Judith

Blake's 7, the Inside Story by Joe Nazzaro and Sheelagh Wells.

In a nutshell, this book is everything that the Boxtree book by Adrian Rigglesford was not. The pages are stitched in for a start!

The cover is fantastic, the pictures inside are many and varied. I've seen some before but many many are new to me, and these are GOOD new photos, not dross. There's one that had four of us in a mad breakout of giggles as we passed it around at the Neutral Zone. (page 29...)

There are good photos of everyone, the cast, the stunt men, the guest actors, many in colour.

The text is a fan's dream. This isn't just a list of shooting schedules, this is the story of what it was like to work on the series: there are quotes from virtually everybody! Producers, directors, actors, make up, costume designers, you've got it.

Anecdotes abound: things that went right, things that went wrong, filming at night with actors perched in trees, filming on crowded beaches trying to make them look empty, trying to overcome budget limitiations, jokes the cast played on one another (with the infamous teddy bear story recounted in full) and far more.


In Australia, it may be available via Diamond Publishing whose catalogue is aparantly used by many comic shops

Unfortunately this book is now out of print.

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