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Books Directly about Blake's 7


By Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore

This book, goes beyond the stereotypes to look at the background to and the writing of the stories. At the time when Blake's 7 was created, not only was science fiction undergoing a revival, but many writers and producers were exploring the possibility of having a popular TV programme which pleased the crowds on one level while exploring serious themes on others.

Including details and analysis of every episode, examination of key episodes from their genesis to the final version, featuring excerpts from the original drafts of scripts and interviews with people involved in the production, this book is the ideal companion for anyone interested in the show, or in the development of television science fiction during the late seventies.

Review By Judith Proctor.

The book is published by Telos publishing. Available now:

Sold Out Sold Out

Blake's 7, The inside story

by Joe Nazzaro and Sheelagh Wells (ISBN 0-7535-0044-2).

The text is a fan's dream. This isn't just a list of shooting schedules, this is the story of what it was like to work on the series: there are quotes from virtually everybody! Producers, directors, actors, make up, costume designers, you've got it.

Details and Review

Unfortunately this book is now out print.

(Front Cover 78K)

History and Critical Analysis of Blakes 7 the 1978-81 British Television Space Adventure

By John Kenneth Muir.


Review By Ann Basart

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The Making of Terry Nation's Blake's 7

by Andrew Rigglesford.

Details and Review - Not recommended!

No longer available from bookshops.

Blake's 7 The Programme Guide

By Tony Attwood. (ISBN 0-426-19449-7)
2nd edition 1994, Virgin books.

Review by Judith Proctor.

Tony Attwood's web site.

Available from:
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By Tony Attwood. (ISBN 0-426-199243)
Target Books.

Following the decision not to proceed with the series beyond episode 52 (due to contractual disputes) Tony was commissioned to write the follow up novel - in effect what should have been Series E.  With Series D ending with Blake being shot by Avon, Tony planned two novels - "Afterlife" which appeared world-wide in 1982, a year after Series D ended, and "State of Mind" which was intended to round off the entire adventures of Blake's 7.  Sadly "State of Mind" itself was then put on hold due to yet more contractual debate, and was never published.

Review by Jason Jeneau.

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Blake's 7

Trevor Hoyle 1988 (ISBN 0806511036)

This is a write up of some of the earlier episodes.

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Avon: A terrible Aspect

by Paul Darrow.

Review By Martin Odoni (Positive)

Comments by Judith:

Although this book does have its enthusiasts, it is probably true to say that the majority of fans dislike it. It is a novel, primarily about Avon's father, and attempts to show us Avon's background and how he came to be the man he was. However, it does not mesh terribly well with the series, and some people feel this is not the Avon they know (he seems terribly macho). It should also be mentioned that this book should really be adult rated - if you have read the sex on a blood-stained floor scene, you will know what I am talking about.

Those who are fond of the laws of physics and have more than a passing knowledge of astronomy, should be prepared to suspend disbelief or else give this book a ten kilometer berth.

I can't really recommend this book, but because of the author, most people feel compelled to try it anyway.

Parts of a review of Avon:A Terrible Aspect from Publishers Weekly, March 10, 1989. The parts describing the plot are omitted in case there is anyone here who has not read the book.

"The 100-plus books that have spun off the BBC's popular Dr. Who help explain the second novelization of another TV series, Blake's 7. Instead of the light, children's adventures of the good doctor, this is unleavened space opera about opposition to the tyrannical Federation that rules the solar System. <Plot description snipped.> In prose, characterization and plot, this is a compendium of cliches of a type seldom seen in print since the demise of pulp magazines."

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The Internet Bookshop The Avon Club

Books by Blake's 7 Actors

These are not about Blake's 7 but get referred to in Blake's 7 circles.


a book by Paul Darrow

Three Reviews (two for and one against)

Available from: The Internet Bookshop

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