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Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Television

By Joe Nazzaro

Joe (who co-wrote Blake's 7 the inside story) has a new book with interviews with the creators of many Science Fiction and Fantasy Television programs.

Lots more info about the book.

Sold Out.

Textual Poachers

by Henry Jenkins.

Highly recommended by Judith.

Available from:
The Internet Bookshop (paperback)
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Enterprising Women

by Camille Bacon-Smith.

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The Internet Bookshop (paperback)
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Warrior Lovers

By Catherine Salmon and Donald Symons.

This book looks at the evolutionary forces behind the origin and development of the slash-literature culture: an on-line community of women writers who concoct erotic fantasies about fictional - and exclusively male - film and television characters, from the X-Files' Mulder to Star War's Luke Skywalker to Star Trek's Mr Spock. Symons and Salmon show how the world of Slash literature illuminates deep truths about how fictional narratives affect our every day activities and what this extraordinary (and, now, extraordinarily popular genre) says about our private sexual fantasies, the purposes that they serve and where they came from. Darwinism Today series The application of Darwinian ideas to social and political thinking is one of the most controversial intellectual developments of our time, stirring up fierce debate among a wide range of people including scientists, social scientists, journalists, economists, psychiatrists, philosophers and lawyers. Darwinism Today is a series of short books that introduces readers to the cutting edge of these debates. Written by leading Darwinian scholars, the books show how issues as disparate as the nature of aggression and the definition of female beauty can be illuminated in unexpected ways by recent advances in evolutionary biology, and reveal the implications of such findings for society.

Review from New Scientist
Review from London Times
Review By Judith
Transcript of Womans Hour interview with Catherine Salmon

Available from:
The Internet Bookshop (Hardback)

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