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"Sacrifice" (A/ocms), Dorian Grey,LAIDBACK SEVEN #4 (UK, 1983.7)

"Sacrifice of Self" (A/B), Marlon,LOVE & SACRIFICE (US, 1995)

"Saint of Circumstances" (A/V), Jamie Melody Randall,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75 (US, 1994)

"Salvage" (alt-S2, alt-Countdown; Ta-hc, A/Ta, past A/Anna, past A/Del Grant), Misha,LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"Sand in the Sheets" (A/D, So/V), ?,AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"Sand Sculptures" (So/Ta, D/Ta, Se/Ta), Cami,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"Sarabande" (A/ocf), Alicia Maria Susanna Fox (Susan Matthews),STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #1 (US, 1988)

"Saturday Night" (V; humor), Sue Bursztynski,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #3 (AU, 1987)

"Sauce for the Goose" (A/Se), From the Archives of the Rat Cellar,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8 (US, 1992)

"A Saying in Broth Spoils the Thyme" (C/J?), Jane Carnall,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5 (US, 1987)

"A Scale of Violence" (gen; S5; So-G), Judith Proctor,DEADLIER THAN THE MALE (US, 1997)

"Scandal" (A/V; humor), Coral Court (=Jeff Morris),SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"Scars" (B/Ta, A/V), Ross Allister and Nevin Patrick,DARK FANTASIES #2 (mm; US, 1994)

"Scattered Petals" (So/V), ?,AVON CALLING II (US, 1991)

"Scorpio Blues, and Green" (A & V/Ta), Lexa Reiss,TEN-CREDIT TOUCH (US, 1993)

"Screaming in the Night" (A-Ta; A/B/V threeway), Kody A. Young,DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989)

"Sea Change" (B/oc), M. Edgarton,FORBIDDEN ZONE #1 (

"Sealed with a Kiss" (A/V), N. T. Casillas,SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"Sealed With a Kiss" (A/B), Jade Drofsny,IT'S GREEK TO ME (mm; US, 1992)

"The Search" (A/B), Venus Callipyge,BEFORE AND AFTER (US, 1991?)

"Season of Madness" (gen), Anon,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"A Season of Pleasure, A Season of Pain" (A/B, Ta/ocm), Isis,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Second Chances" (gen, included by mistake), Patti E. McClellan,RESISTANCE #8 (US, 1994)

"Second Sight" (A/B), Pam Rose,FIRE AND ICE #1 (US, 1990)

"The Secret Miracle" (S5-S3; A/C), Pita Enriquez-Harris,ULTRA #1 (UK, 1998.3)

"The Seduction of Six" (Se/Number Six; B7/Prisoner crossover), Cathy Conrad,THE LAUGHING MUTOID #6 (mm; US, 1990)

"Seek and Find, Ask..." (A/V), Maren,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Self Appraisal?" (B/B clone), M. C.,E-MAN-UELLE #3 (UK); reprinted in E-MAN-UELLE: SHORT STORIES

"Sentence" (A/B), Kate Deery,FIRE AND ICE #3 (US, 1995)

"Sentiment" (A/B), Irish,REBEL DESIRES #1 (US, 1995)

"Serpents in Paradise" (A/B), Willa Shakespeare,SONGS OF EXPERIENCE (US, 1994)

"Set the Night on Fire" (A/B), Riley Cannon,FIRE AND ICE #3 (US, 1995)

"Set Up" (A/J, A/B; humor), Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal,MORE NAUGHTY BITS (mm; US, 1990)

"73 Kilos of Ballast" (gen; reprinted from GAMBIT #4), Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane,DOUBLE VISION (US, 1993)

"Severely Beloved" (A/B; humor), Naughtius Maximus,SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"Sex and Sensibility: An (Im)Morality Tale" (C/V, A/V, D/V, Ta/V, orgy; humor), W. K. D. Ways,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"Sex, Lies, and Revolutionaries" (Ta/V, A/B), Isis,SONGS OF EXPERIENCE (US, 1994)

"Shadows in the Rain" (J/V, B/J, A/V), Quale,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #6 (AU, 1989)

"Shards" (A/ocm), Sylvia Knight,RESISTANCE #3 (US, 1989)

"Shared Nookie" (C/Ta & V), T. S. Grimmer,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Sharing" (C/V), Mara Calahan & Crystal Adams,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #2.5 (US, 1986)

"Sheep Thrills" (A/V/Sam Beckett in the body of a sheep dressed as Cally; B7/QL crossover; humor), Salamacis,IT'S GREEK TO ME (mm; US, 1992)

"Ship's Soul" (part 1 of 3; A/B, B/Ta, vampires), MerLyn, RESISTANCE #6 (US, 1992); reprinted in MERLYN'S TALES,Vol. 3 (mm; UK, 1995)

"A Short Story Calculated to Annoy Almost Everyone" (B/V), Anon,TOUCHED #7 (mm; US, 1986)

"The Short Straw" (Ta/V, A/D/So; humor), Her and Me,,,E-MAN-UELLE #2 (UK); reprinted in E-MAN-UELLE: SHORT STORIES

"Shot Through the Heart" (A/B, part 2 of 3), MerLyn, MERLYN'S TALES,Vol. 1 (mm; UK, 1994)

"A Short Tribute to Mr. Hill" (S2; Se/Tr), Brad D. Black,ULTRA #1 (UK, 1998.3)

"Should Auld Aquaintance" (The Dome Cycle 4; A/V, A/B), M. Fae Glasgow,OBLAQUE V (US, 1991)

"Sight to the Blind" (A/B; alternative ending to "None So Blind" by Jennifer Hurley, in AVON CALLING I), Candra Daneson,NETWORK ENCOUNTERS (US, 1993)

"Silence" (A/V), Jane Carnall,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Silent Night, Holy (?) Night" (D/So, A/V), Jane Carnall,TOUCHED #6 (mm; UK, 1985)

"Sins of the Past" (Ta/V, A/B), Jennie McGrath,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"A Sip in Time" (A/Se, A/V), Maren, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Sisyphus" (A/B, C/J), xBryn Lantry,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #3 (AU, 1987)

"Sisters of the Moon" (V/ocfs, D/ocf, C/V), Madelyn Darring (=Jeff Morris), VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"Situations" (B/V), Ty Downs,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"Skylarna" (A/ocf), Ricia Watts,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #4 (UK, 1980)

"Slash and Burn" (A/B; humor), Shoshanna,SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"The Slave Pits of Ursa Major" (Se/Tr), xBryn Lantry,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #2 (AU, 1986)

"Slaver" (A/B/various ocfs), Mystral,REBEL DESIRES #1 (US, 1995)

"Sleeping Around" (O/oc; humor), Meredith Dixon, FORBIDDEN STAR #2 (UK, 1997.12)

"Sleeping Arrangements" (Ta/V, A/B), Evi L'Influence,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Slight Recalibration" (A/V), Morgan L. Faye, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"Slings and Eros" (A/B), Riley Cannon,SONGS OF INNOCENCE (US, 1993)

"A Small Circle of Friends" (gen; Time of Innocence universe), Jennie McGrath,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Snake Pit" (A/B), Catherine,SONGS OF EXPERIENCE (US, 1994)

"Snow Ride" (A/B), Caroline Dare,IT'S GREEK TO ME (mm; US, 1992)

"So Easy to Give" (A/B), Sebastian,TOUCHED #7 (mm; UK, 1986); also in BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #2

"Sole Victory" (A/B), Irish,DARK FANTASIES #5 (mm; US, 1997)

"Solitaire for Two" (V/ocf), Jacaranda Brown,QUICKSILVER RISING # 1 (UK, 1984)

"Solution" (A/V), Donna LaRue,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Some Guys Have All the Luck" (A/B), Riley Cannon,FIRE AND ICE #2 (US, 1993)

"Someone to Lean On" (B-V, "to be continued"), Mal O'Dar, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"Something in Common" (A/ocf, T/ocf), Cami and Carnella,AQUATAR #2 (US, 1990)

"Something Tangible" (A/B), Natasha Barry,RESISTANCE #6 (US, 1992)

"Something to Live For" (A/Se, A/ocs, A/B, V/ocm; sequel to "Terms of Surrender" in OBLAQUER), Adrian C. Morgan and Brendan S. O'Cullane,OBLAQUEST (US, 1989); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"Sometimes There's No Romance" (A/V), Jane Carnall,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Sorry About That Chief" (Se/Tr; humor; reprinted from Rumours, New Horizons newsletter), Sue Bursztynski,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1 (AU, 1986)

"Spacer's Holiday" (V/ocf), Mal O'Dar, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"Spaceship Sherbert Blues" (A/B etc.; humor), Meg Garrett,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"A Spanking Good Time," (A Game of Tag, Part II; A/V), Caroline Dare,OBLAQUE IV (US, 1990)

"Spare Parts" (A/C), R. W. Grendel,DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989)

"Spare Parts" (A/V), Valerie Francis,SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"Sparring Partners" (A/J), Twisted Sister,STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #2 (US, 1995)

"Speak No Evil" (A/V), Ailsa Craig (=M. Fae Glasgow),AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"Splendid Isolation" (A/B), Thomas,FIRE AND ICE #2 (US, 1993)

"Stalemate" (A/B), Leah Starsky,REBEL DESIRES #1 (US, 1995)

"Stamp Collecting" (Se/Ta; humor), Penny Black,FORBIDDEN STAR (UK, 1995)

"Stand-in" (A/V), Riley Cannon,SOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5 (US, 1993)

"Sticks and Stones" (A/B), Irish,SONGS OF EXPERIENCE (US, 1994)

"Stolen Hour" (A/V), Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'Cullane,DOUBLE VISION (US, 1993)

"Stop and Smell the Roses" (A/B; Legends universe), S. Lewis,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"The Story Teller" (A/V), Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes),LIAISONS #1 (mm; US, 1991)

"A Story That Doesn't Have an End" (A/B; sequel to "A Feast of Bacchanalia" by The Fifth Amendment in #3), Melody Clark,RESISTANCE #4 (US, 1990)

"Stowaway" (gen), Jeff Morris,,I DON'T DRINK... WINE (mm; US, 1989)

"Stranded" (A/B), Matilda Willard,AVON CALLING III (US, 1994)

"Strange Interlude" (A/Ta), Cami,AQUATAR #2 (US, 1990)

"Stranger Things" (A/J), Shoshanna,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"Streetcorner Girl" (gen; S0; So), Pita Enriquez Harris,DEADLIER THAN THE MALE (US, 1997)

"Stress Factors" (A/Ta; sequel to "The Bondstone"), Paula,SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75 (US, 1988)

"String of Pearls" (A/V), Daphne Demure,IT'S GREEK TO ME (mm; US, 1992)

"Sub-duction" (A/Ta), Mal O'Dar, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Substitute" (A/G), Vanessa Mullen,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"Substitute" (A/ocm), Tara,UNCHARTED WATERS #12 (mm; UK)

"Such a Fool" (A/V), Irish,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Such a Stupid Waste" (A/Ta), Mal O'Dar, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Suffered Facts" (A/B), Irish,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"Surprise" (J/V), A. N. Opedhus,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #2 (UK, 1978?)

"Surprise" (A/B), Candra Daneson,NETWORK ENCOUNTERS (US, 1993)

"Surprises I" (A/V), Maylani, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Surprises II" (A/V), Maylani, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Surprises (Or One Page Slash Challenge)" (A/V), Chris Kessler,TOUCHED #10 (mm; UK, 1987)

"Survivors" (S1 or S2; Highlander crossover; A/Methos), K. Ann Yost,REVELATIONS #1 (Highlander zine with a B7 crossover story; mm; US, 1988)

"Sweeping the Ashes" (gen), Alicia Ann Fox,SONGS OF INNOCENCE (US, 1993)

"Sweet Revenge" (B/J, A/B), K. Ann Yost,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"Sweet Revenge" (A/V), Lynne Franklin,AVON CALLING III (US, 1994)

"Sweet Savage Delta" (A/V), Audrey Weirdsley,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Sweet Survivor" (A/B), Sue Cameron,BEFORE AND AFTER (US, 1991?)

"Sweet the Sin" (A/V), N. T. Casillas,OBLAQUE IV (US, 1990)

"Sweeter Than Wine" (A/B), Emily C. Ross,RESISTANCE #6 (US, 1992)

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