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"Dark Cottage of the Soul" (Ta/V, A/B), The Gang of Four, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Dark Dream on Gauda Prime" (A/V), Jade Drofsny, MAGNIFICENT TAILS,TOO (US, 1989)

"Dark Eyes" (A/Se), Maggie Farmer, MORE NAUGHTY BITS (mm; US, 1990)

"The Darkling Torrent" (gen, S. Lewis's Legends universe), Anon, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"The Darkness of the Separate Will" (A/B), Shoshanna, SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"The Day Avon Memorized the Thesauraus" (A/B; humor), Bret Ramroy,TEN-CREDIT TOUCH (US, 1993)

"Dealer's Choice" (G/V), Marie Celeste, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1 (AU, 1986)

"Dear Avon" (A/V), Chris Kessler,THE UNIQUE TOUCH 2 (mm; UK, 1988)

"Dearest Enemy" (A/Se), Brendan O'Cullane and Adrian Morgan, SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"Death Duel" (gen), Catherine Salmon, EVASIVE MANEUVERS (US, 1994)

"Death of a Friend" (gen), Jenifer Huszcza, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Debts" (late S2; A/B), Susan Cutter, FIRE AND ICE #4 (US, 1998.5)

"December Dreams" (A/B), J. Meridith, RESISTANCE #6 (US, 1992)

"Decision" (A-V gen; reprinted from XENON #3 not DOWN AND UNSAFE as stated), Susan Clarke, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1 (AU, 1986)

"Decisions" (A/B), Shoshanna, SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"Decisions, Decisions" (humor), Kim Wigmore, MAGNIFICENT TAILS (US, 1988)

"The Deepest Secret" (B/C, A/Meegat), Lysistrate, ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #1 (UK, 1978?)

"Defenses" (A/B), Sean Charles (=Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane), AVON'S GADGET WORKS (US); also in BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8

"A Definite Possibility" (A/So), Mal O'Dar, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Deliver Us from Evil" (A/B), Willa Shakespeare, FIRE AND ICE #3 (US, 1995)

"Deliverance" (A/B), pat ellen, AVON CALLING II (US, 1991)

"Deliverance Times Five" (A/Meegat, A/ocfs; humor), Cathy Conrad, THE LAUGHING MUTOID #4 (US, 1989)

"Delta" (Ta/V, A/Ta, A/V), Sean Charles (=Brendan O'Cullane),AQUATAR #1 (US, 1988); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"Delta House" (A/J; humor), Cathy Conrad, THE LAUGHING MUTOID #5 (mm; US, 1990)

"Denouement" (A), Irish, DARK FANTASIES #4 (mm; US, 1996)

"The Dersan Hut" (A/B), McNeil, E-MAN-UELLE #6 (UK)

"Descending Horizon" (A/B), Sylvia Knight, RESISTANCE #2 (US, 1988)

"Descent Into Hell" (A/Se, A/ocfs), Lou Rydd, DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989)

"Design Specifications" (J/Z), Liz A. Vogel, STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #2 (US, 1995)

"Desire" (Ta/V), M. C., E-MAN-UELLE #3 (UK); reprinted in E-MAN-UELLE: SHORT STORIES

"Desperate Measures" (A/B, A/V), Tara,COHORTS #1 (mm; AU, 1995)

"Destination" (A/B), Tara,UNCHARTED WATERS #13 (mm; UK)

"Destiny" (A/B), Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes), OBLAQUE (US, 1988)

"The Devil You Do" (A/B), Taliesin, SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Diamonds and Rust" (A/B), Sarah B. Leonard, PLAYFELLOWS #3 (mm; US)

"A Different Duel" (B/Sinofar), Catherine, STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #2 (US, 1995)

"A Different Path" (C/J), xBryn Lantry,THE UNIQUE TOUCH 2 (mm; UK, 1988)

"Dirty Branching" (whichway story; A/B, B/J, orgy, B/V, B/G, A/G; humor), Brooke Barker,TEN-CREDIT TOUCH (US, 1993)

"Dirty Diversions" (So/Dorian), Mal O'Dar, THE NAUGHTY BITS (US, 1989)

"Discoveries" (A/V), Chris Kessler, SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"Discoveries" (A/C/V threeway), Aida St. Dummont, AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"A Distant Land" (A/B), Etticles, FIRE AND ICE #1 (US, 1990)

"Divergence" (A/B), Sea Wolf, FORBIDDEN STAR (UK, 1995)

"Divide and Conquer, or, Plan 9 from Andromeda" (alt-S3, A-hc, A/B, J/V, Ta), Willa Shakespeare, FIRE AND ICE #4 (US, 1998.5)

"Do-It-Yourself Slash" (A/V; humor), Shoshanna, RESISTANCE #4 (US, 1990)

"Do Not Go Gentle" (A/B), Riley Cannon, FIRE AND ICE #2 (US, 1993)

"Doing Time" (A/ocms, A/B/V threeway, B/J, C/V, B/Se), London Bates, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #2 (AU, 1986)

"Domestic Bliss, or, Truth and Consequences" (A/V), M. Fae Glasgow, OBLAQUER (US, 1989)

"Domesticity" (A/G), Adrian Alexander (=A.L. Hughes), RESISTANCE #4 (US, 1990)

"Domination" (A/B), Amy Williams, INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Domo" (alt-S4; A/B, past A/Se, B/Se), Gemini, LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"Don't Send Me Back" (A/C), Fran Ward, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #9 (AU, 1993)

"Don't Stand So Close to Me" (D/Ta, A/V; humor), Madelyn Darring (=Jeff Morris), SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"Doolie" (V/ocf), Louise Dunne, QUICKSILVER RISING #4 (UK, 1986)

"Double Duel" (A/V, B/V, A/B), Tenaya, INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Double Jeopardy" (A/V), Sara Avery & Sylvia Dennison, SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"Dream Come True" (B/V), Topaz, E-MAN-UELLE #1 (UK); reprinted in E-MAN-UELLE: SHORT STORIES

"Dream Destiny" (A/oc, A/V), Cleveland Hiatt, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"The Dream Seller" (A/B), R. Olivia Brown,UNCHARTED WATERS #9 (mm; UK)

"Dreamless" (S2?; uc? A/B), Dawn Friedman, LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"Dreams and Dreamers" (S1; B/G), Dorinda Hartmann, FORBIDDEN STAR #2 (UK, 1997.12)

"Dreams Realised" (A/V), Kris and Ty Downs, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #6 (AU, 1989)

"Dressed to Kill" (A/C), Pandora LeCarre, MAGNIFICENT TAILS (US, 1988)

"Dressing for Dinner" (Tr; humor), Arachne, FORBIDDEN STAR #2 (UK, 1997.12)

"Drowning" (A/B), Natasha Solten, RESISTANCE #1 (US, 1987)

"Drunk" (A/B), Amethyst Lane, RESISTANCE #8 (US, 1994)

"Duck the Blows" (G/V), Mal O'Dar, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"Duet for Emmanuelle" (A/B), Tounge N. Cheek, RESISTANCE #8 (US, 1994)

"Duty" (A/Ta), Pat Jacquerie, SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

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