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"'T' (The Ultimate Slash Story)" (O/Z; humor), Jean Graham,AVON'S GADGET WORKS (US)

"Take My Heart" (A/B), Irish,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Taken In" (A/J), Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #3 (AU, 1987); revised version in STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #2

"Taking Notes" (A/V), Audrey Weirdsley,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Tala" (V/ocf; humor), Linda Evans, VILA,PLEASE, (UK, 1988?)

"The Tale of the Penetrator" (A/V, A/B/V threeway, A/Se, B/J, A/J, A/C; humor), Alex T. MacKenzie,RESISTANCE #6 (US, 1992)

"Tangents" (C/J), xBryn Lantry,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8 (AU, 1992)

"Tangled Webs" (B/J), P. T. Russell,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (1991)

"Tarrant" (Ta/ocm, Ta-V), Janet R. Cruickshank,ON THE EDGE #1 (mm; US, 1993)

"Tarrant the Terrific" (O/Ta; humor), Carnella & Comatose,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"Tea for Two" (dialogue; A/V), Edi N. Burgh (=M. Fae Glasgow),OBLAQUE (US, 1988)

"Teleport,,," (A/B), Jacquie Baham,CONCUPISCENCE #2 (mm; US, 1992)

"Tell Me a Story" (A/B), Evi L'Influence,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Tempo Rubato" (A/So), Calypso Romaine (=Liz Sharpe),STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #1 (US, 1988)

"Temporal Discordance" (A/the author), Pat Jacquerie,MORE NAUGHTY BITS (mm; US, 1990)

"The Temptation" (B/Se), Catherine,STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #3 (US, 1996)

"Tender Memories" (G/Ta), Cami,LIBERATOR DREAMS (US, 1990?)

"Terminal" (B/C), Maren,I DON'T DRINK... WINE (mm; US, 1989)

"Terminus" (Venery IV; A/B, A/V), M. Fae Glasgow,OBLAQUE V (US, 1991)

"Terms of Reasons Why" (S4, Warlord; uc A/Ta), Vic Coopers,LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"Terms of Surrender" (A/ocm, A/B), Sean Charles (=Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane),OBLAQUER (US, 1989); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"...That'll Do Nicely" (A/Se), Fran Ward,LAIDBACK SEVEN #2 (UK, 1983.1)

"Then and Now" (J/Avalon), Coral Court (=Jeff Morris),SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"There is None So Blind" (A/V), M. Fae Glasgow,DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989)

"A Thief's Punishment" (A/V), Brendan O'Cullane,DOUBLE VISION (US, 1993); reprinted in AVON CALLING III

"Thieves" (gen; reprinted from MAGNIFICENT SEVEN #7), Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane,DOUBLE VISION (US, 1993)

THIEVES IN TIME (novel in the form of a series of stories by MacBeth Smith and Ophelia Jones; S0-1-3-4-5; Darkover crossover; A/V, A/Se, V/ocms, A/Tynus, A/Anna, A/B; US, 1993.5) "Thin Partitions" (A/B), Arianne,SONGS OF EXPERIENCE (US, 1994)

"Things Change" (B/female A; humor), Cathy Conrad,THE LAUGHING MUTOID #5 (mm; US, 1990)

"Things Like This" (A/B), Derriny Dark,RESISTANCE #7 (US, 1993)

"Things that Never Get Said" (S4; D-Ta, A-Ta, past C/D, past A/C), Neil Faulkner, FORBIDDEN STAR #2 (UK, 1997.12)

"The Things We Do for Love" (A/V, A/B), M. Fae Glasgow,OBLAQUE (US, 1988)

"This Neurotic Little Worry" (A/V), Jane Carnall,SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75 (US, 1988)

"Those Hips, Those Thighs" (A/J), Rosinanta,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"Those Lips, Those Eyes" (A/?), Susan Hall,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5 (US, 1987)

"Though Memories Die, Love Remains" (A/B), Leah Starsky,FIRE AND ICE #3 (US, 1995)

"Though We May Have Different Dreams" (gen), Sheila Paulson, BLAKE,RABBLE & ROLL #2 (US, 1990)

"Thoughts on a Comradly Address" (A/B), R. Olivia Brown,FORBIDDEN STAR (UK, 1995)

"Three Time Loser" (A/B), MerLyn, DYAD 15 (1994); reprinted in MERLYN'S TALES,Vol. 3 (mm; UK)

"Three Times Daily" (S2, A/B), Julia Stamford, FORBIDDEN STAR #2 (UK, 1997.12)

"Three's Company" (A/B/V threeway), Trisha Johnson,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Through a Glass Darkly" (A/V), Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes),OBLAQUER (US, 1989)

"Through the Looking Glass" (A/Ta/V threeway), Illne Vertell,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"The Ties That Bind" (A/V/Kerril threeway; alternate Last Stand universe), Iama Nonymous,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"The Ties That Bind" (A/V), L. A. Scotian (=M. Fae Glasgow),OBLAQUEST (US, 1989)

"Time and Place" (B/C, A/J, B/J), Carole Fairman,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #3 (UK, 1978?)

"Time, Corruption, and Appetite" (A/Dorian, orgy), Willa Shakespeare,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"A Time for Healing" (gen), Anon,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"A Time of Innocence" (gen; Time of Innocence universe), Jennie McGrath,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Time Off and Good Behavior" (A/V), Nicely Nicely,SOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5 (US, 1993)

"Time Rift" (S3; UFO crossover; A/Straker), Yuchtar zantai-Klaan,DIVERSE DOINGS #2 (mm; US, 1998.5)

"To Darkness and to Me" (A/C), Alicia Ann Fox,EVASIVE MANEUVERS (US, 1994)

"To Dream No More" (A/ocs), Margaret Pitcher,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #6 (AU, 1989)

"To Hell Among the Rogues" (A/B), xBryn Lantry,FIRE AND ICE #2 (US, 1993)

"To Live Despite Regrets" (sequel to a gen story, "All That Remains Is Regrets" in STAR THREE; S5; A/Ta), Susan Riaz, FORBIDDEN STAR #2 (UK, 1997.12)

"To Save a Friend" (A/B), Ellis Ward,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"To Shoot the Moon" (C/J), Jane Mailander,NO HOLDS BARRED #3 (mm; US, 1993)

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream" (A/B), Sandra Basham,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"To Trust a Friend" (A/B), Catherine Salmon,REBEL DESIRES #1 (US, 1995)

"To Whom It May Concern" (A/V), Gene Delapenia,PLAYFELLOWS #8 (mm; US)

"To Worship the Devil" (A/B), Catherine, RESISTANCE #8 (US, 1994) "Tonight" (S3, post-Ultraworld; A/Ta), Altair,LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"Together Again for the First Time" (A/B), Natasha Barry,RESISTANCE #4 (US, 1990)

"Tomb" (gen; play; S5; A-V), Katharine Scarritt,RISK (mm; US, 1997)

"Tonight" (S3, post-Ultraworld; A/Ta), Altair,LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"Tonight's the Night" (G/J, C/G), Southern Comfort,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #1 (UK, 1978?)

"Too Cute to Live" (A/V; humor), Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal,DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989)

"Too Long a Soldier" (Near Dark Trilogy 3; Ta/V, A/B), Baravan,LOVE & SACRIFICE (US, 1995)

"Too Much Love Will Kill You" (S2, post-Pressure Point; A/B), Catherine,FIRE AND ICE #4 (US, 1998.5)

"Torn Between the Blessing and the Curse" (A/V), Bobbi Withers,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75 (US, 1987)

"Totally Weird Zone" (A/C, A/Se, Se/V, C/V, B/Se, B/J; humor), Pete and Repete,AQUATAR #1 (US, 1988)

"Touch" (A/V), Cancer,TOUCHED #1/2 (mm; UK, 1984)

"A Touch of Love" (A/C, B/J, C/J, A/V), Geoff Tilley,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4 (AU, 1987)

"Traitor" (A/B), Andrea Arat,RESISTANCE #7 (US, 1993)

"Tranquilized Dreams" (A/B), Andrea Arat,RESISTANCE #2 (US, 1988)

"Trapped" (A/V), Sebastian,TOUCHED #8 (mm; UK, 1986)

"Trash Slash" (A/V; humor), Janice Madison,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"The Travis Affair" (A/Se; Tr1/Tr2), Vanessa Mullen,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"The Treatment" (A/B), xBryn Lantry,RISK (mm; US, 1997)

"Triangle" (B/V), Cancer,E-MAN-UELLE #3 (UK); reprinted in E-MAN-UELLE: SHORT STORIES

"Trick or Treat" (A/V), Tenaya,LIAISONS #1 (mm; US, 1991)

"Trick, Or Treat?" (A/B), Jamie Melody Randall,XXX FILES: THE FRISKY PROJECT (mm; US, 1994)

"A Trip Down Memory Lane" (A/B), Airelle,FIRE AND ICE #2 (US, 1993)

"Tripping the Light Fantastic" (So/V), Rhapsodie,REBEL DESIRES #1 (US, 1995)

"Triptych" ("a story in three pairs of sonnets;" A/B), Predatrix,FIRE AND ICE #4 (US, 1998.5)

"Triumvirate" (B/Tr, A/B), la belle femme,AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"Trouble With" (A/B), Diaphanous Dolly,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4 (AU, 1987)

"Trust" (A/V), Jane Carnall,E-MAN-UELLE #6 (UK)

"Trust Me" (A/B), H. R. Radei,BEFORE AND AFTER (US, 1991?)

"Trusting to Fate" (A/B), Tara,FIRE AND ICE #3 (US, 1995)

"Truth in Lies" (A/V/Kerril, V/ocf; Last Stand universe), Catocala,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5 (US, 1988)

"The Truth Will Out" (A/B), M. Fae Glasgow,OBLAQUER (US, 1989)

"Turn, Turn, Turn" (A/B, A/V), Irish,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"Turnabout" (A/V), Amy Williams,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Twelve for Teleport" (A/C, A/Se), Ros Williams,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #7 (UK, 1984)

"Twilight" (A/V), Taliesin,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Twilight on Gauda Prime" (A/B), Romilly Kerr,RESISTANCE #7 (US, 1993)

"Twist in Time" (Miami Vice crossover; A/B, Crockett/Castillo), MerLyn,CROSS-CURRENTS (mm; US, 1996)

"A Twist of the Skein" (V/ocf), Ariadne,QUICKSILVER RISING #1 (UK, 1984)

"Two for the Price of One" (So/A & V), Liz A. Vogel,STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #3 (US, 1996)

"Two Kinds of People, Two Seas in Judea" (A/V), Jane Mailander,JUST MY TYPE (mm; US)

"Two Slaves for Two Days" (A/C), Anna Grant,LAIDBACK SEVEN #4 (UK, 1983)

"TWZ III: Caro's Campaign" (A/C, A/O, O/Z, C/V, B/Se, Totally Weird Zone, humor), Pete and RePete,AQUATAR #2 (US, 1990)

"Tying Up Loose Ends" (gen; sequel to THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN by Sandy Hall), Philippa Kaye Walther,SONGS OF INNOCENCE (US, 1993)

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