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"You Get What You Pay For" (A/ocf), Marie Celeste, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #2 (AU, 1986)

"You Ought to Be In Pictures" (So/Ta, D/Ta, Se/Ta; humor), Rhapsodie, SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

"You Were Right -- I Did Underestimate You, My Dear" (So/Dorian), Sharon Eckman, ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #6 (UK, 1983)

"You Wouldn't Understand" (A/B), R. Olivia Brown, RESISTANCE #7 (US, 1993)

"You'd Never Believe It But" (humor), Ricia Watts, ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #4 (UK, 1980)

"Your Fondest Wish" (A/V), Lynne Franklin, LIAISONS #2 (mm; US, 1993)

"Your Secret Pal" (C/?), Anne Collins Smith, THE LAUGHING MUTOID #4 (US, 1989)

"You're It" (A Game of Tag, Part 1; A/B), Caroline Dare, OBLAQUEST (1989)

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