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"The Quality of Mercy" (So/V), Victoria Towers,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"The Quality of Mercy" (A/B), Matilda Willard,AVON CALLING III-- PERCHANCE TO DREAM (US, 1994)

"Queen of Thieves" (V/ocf), Spirk & Kock,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1 (AU, 1986)

"Quest for Fire" (A/Ta), Riley Cannon & Cami O'Tool,REBEL DESIRES #1 (US, 1995)

"The Quest to the Throbbing Tower" (adult; S4; A/ocf), Carrie Hagen,SEVEN THE HARD WAY (US, 1987)

"A Question of Balance" (A/B), Northwest Smith,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5 (US, 1987)

"A Question of Trust" (A/V), Ellis Ward,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75 (US, 1987)

"Quietus" (A/V), Victoria Towers,SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75 (US, 1988)

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