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"The Naked Truth" (C/D, Se/V, A/B, Ta/ocf), Greg Dales,BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4 (AU, 1987)

"The Nature of the Beast" (Ta/V, A/Ta, A/V), Winona Symonds,AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"Nearly Beloved/Rogue" (A/Ta, A/B, B/Ta), London Bates, THE UNIQUE TOUCH (mm; UK, 1985); also in SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #2.5 (US, 1986); and, as "Nearly Beloved," in BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1 (AU, 1986)

"The Need" (B/J), C. S. Fairman,LAIDBACK SEVEN #4 (UK, 1983)

"Need" (A/V), Donna LaRue,INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"Needs Must" (A/V), M. Fae Glasgow,OBLAQUER (US, 1989)

"Negotiating Positions" (A/ocf, A/So), Pat Jacquerie,STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #3 (US, 1996)

"Neither Love Nor Money" (A/Anna), Oriole Alma Throckmorton,THE BIG BOY'S BOOK OF 1001 THINGS TO DO IN ZERO GRAVITY WITH A FEDERATION HAND BLASTER (UK, 1983)

"Never Love a Stranger" (A/V), Willa Shakespeare,SOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5 (US, 1993)

"Never Say Never" (A/V), Mireille,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75 (US, 1994)

"Never Say Die" (S2, Star One; B-hc, uc A/B), Pat Fenech,LIBERATOR FANTASIES (US, 1998)

"The New Arrival" (B/C, A/C), Ros Williams,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #8 (UK, 1985)

"New Day Dawning" (A/B), Jamie Melody Randall,FIRE AND ICE #3 (US, 1995)

"New Discoveries" (A/B), Catherine,IF THEIR MOTHERS ONLY KNEW #2 (mm; US, 1995)

"New Paths" (C/V), Cynthia Helos,QUICKSILVER RISING #3 (UK, 1985)

"Night Maneuvers" (Near Dark Trilogy 1; Ta/V, A/B), Baravan,LOVE & SACRIFICE (US, 1995)

"Night Moves" (B/ocf), Branta Bernicula,SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5 (1987)

"A Night of Memories and Comfort" (past A/C?), A. Grant,LAIDBACK SEVEN #1 (UK, 1982)

"Night Shadow" (Se/?m), Pat Thomas,ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #2 (UK, 1978?)

"Night Sweats" (A/B), H. R. Radei,PLAYFELLOWS #7 (mm; US)

"Night Talk" (A/B; Legends universe), S. Lewis,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"A Night with Blake" (B/assorted; multimedia crossover, incl. ST, Pros, UNCLE, S&H, Wiseguy, etc.), Airelle,PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER #1 (mm; US)

"Nightmare Come True" (A/dream of Anna), Mal O'Dar, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Nightmusic" (A/Ta), Paula,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"Nights" (A/B, J/?), Temple,E-MAN-UELLE #3 (UK); reprinted in E-MAN-UELLE: SHORT STORIES

"Nightsongs" (A/Ta; sequel to Nightmusic), Paula,SOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5 (US, 1996)

"Nightwatch" (A/V), Aida St. Dummont,AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"The Nightwatch" (A/B), Erszebet Bathory,BENE DICTUM HALF'N'HALF (mm; US, 1995)

"Nightwood Rest" (gen; KTD universe; AU A-V; reprinted from SOUTHERN SEVEN #6), Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane,DOUBLE VISION (US, 1993)

"Nine and Sixty Ways" (A/C?), ER,QUICKSILVER RISING #1 (UK, 1984)

"9/10ths of the Law" (C/V), Henrietta Street,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"No Alternative" (A/V), Julie Kramer,E-MAN-UELLE #6 (UK)

"No Choice" (V/ocf), Smiley,QUICKSILVER RISING #1 (UK, 1984)

"No Introduction Needed" (B; same universe as "A Marketable Commodity" in DARK FANTASIES #4), Pat Jacquerie,DARK FANTASIES #5 (US, 1997)

"No Other Love" (A/B), T. A. Mokzi, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"No Promises" (A/V), Cybel Harper,RESISTANCE #4 (US, 1990)

"No Promises, No Regrets" (A/B), Kody A. Young,SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"No Redemption" (A/V), Masha Romanova,SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75 (US, 1988)

"No Respite" (A/V), Daley Kelly,SOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5 (US, 1993)

"No Rest for the Wicked" (gen), Sandra Basham,THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"No Way In" (A/V), Catocala,RESISTANCE #4 (US, 1990)

"Nobody Lives Forever" (gen; S3-4; Se), Susan Barrett Riaz,DEADLIER THAN THE MALE (US, 1997)

"Nocturne" (A/Se), Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'Cullane,ON THE EDGE #1 (mm; US, 1993); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"Noli Me Tangere" (dialogue; A/B), Riley Cannon,FIRE AND ICE #1 (US, 1990)

"None So Blind" (B/C, A/B), Jennifer Hurley,AVON CALLING I (US, 1990)

"Non-Messianic Thoughts" (A/B), Northwest Smith,SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"Nor Iron Bars a Cage" (gen), Emily Ross,SONGS OF INNOCENCE (US, 1993)

"Nor Iron Bars a Cage" (A/B?), R. Olivia Brown,RED ROSE #1 (mm; US?, 199?)

"Not Alone" (A/B), Cybel Harper,BEFORE AND AFTER (US, 1991?)

"Not in Death nor Sleep Repose" (A/V), London Bates, SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75 (US, 1987); also, as "Not in Death," in BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #6 (AU, 1989)

"Not with a Bang, But a Whimper" (A/V), Scorpio and Syl Newell,SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75 (US, 1988)

"Nothing Left to Lose" (A/V), Sean Charles (=Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane),SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75 (US, 1988); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"The Nothing That Is" (Ta/Tr, Ta/ocs), Lexa Reiss,SOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5 (US, 1994)

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