Fire and Ice 1


Editors: Melody Clark and Kathleen Resch
Publisher: Kathleen Resch
Date: 1990

Pam Rose, "Second Sight"
Sylvia Knight, "Certain Changes"
xBryn Lantry, "Whole of an Ancient Evil"
Elena Mora, "Firefall"
Elena Mora, "Points of Light" (sequel to Firefall)
Riley Cannon, "Noli Me Tangere" (dialogue)
Ababa Brouhaha, "Alliterative Ballad" (humor)
Snow White, "Alternatives"
Ava B. Vava, "Another Bizarre Verse" (humor)
Etticles, "A Distant Land"
Melody Clark, "Remember the Dream"
Dovya Blacque, "So Much in Common"
Dovya Blacque, "Beyond the Storm"
Robin Hood, "Brightness Falls"
Robin Hood, "Liquid Dreams"
Natasha Solten, "Guilt" and "Ice"
Sue-Anne Hartwick, "Apologia"
Dovya Blacque, "The Shadow of a Hero"
Gayle Feyrer front cover, color A (seated, w/ flowers)
back cover, color B (face)
p. 150 A (face)
Phoenix frontispiece A/B

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